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As a team, our overall goal was to create a handout that produced the largest possible enrollment Into the “DWR” Writing and Rhetoric Minor program. We decided to focus on students at LJCF because they would be the ones to enroll In this minor program. We then divided up the students into three groups: Students who are keen to the idea of writing and rhetoric, those who are neutral, and lastly those students ho are not interested at all in a writing or rhetoric course.

Introduction From the very beginning of this project I wanted to go into it, with an open mind, allowing all members of the group to contribute. I also wanted to listen to everyone In our group In their entirety, so that I could listen to their views and actually learn about the different personalities that I would have to face. My Task For this project I wanted to contribute in any way possible, so that as a group we could increase production. I did everything from scheduling appointments, designing our digital surveys, to designing the Dream Job card.

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I also contributed by being a team player. All of my team members were able to contact me at any time by email or phone if they had any questions, conflicts, or needed any assistance with our assignments. Furthermore, I was always available to assist our group leader. I assisted by bringing cookies for our on campus survey, when other group members were unable to edit the reports and drafts, our group leader and I would pick up the slack for the other embers in our group.

I also aided in helping our group leader with making sure everyone In the group knew when we were meeting. Collaboration 1 OF2 over any one or bring any one down. For the entire project we used Google Chrome, which allowed for ease of access and collaboration to documents that were needed to complete the required assignments. Our team leader would create folders where the assigned documents were. Each folder was separate and was labeled Project 2A, project 2B, Project 2C, and Project 2D.

This method was very conviente, it allowed for our group to increase production by staying organized and focusing on one assignment at a time. Conclusion Completing this project has allowed me to learn valuable knowledge that can help me adapt to become a better employee in any workplace. By interacting with different people and personalities within my group has pushed me to strive to become a more patient and discerning coworker at my place of employment. I believe that Professional Writing has allowed me to become more organized not only in riting, but in my workplace.

I plan on using the skills learned in this project and course in my everyday life endevors. By taking Professional Writing, IVe learned that in writing and speech, there is a more effective way of communicating than writing or conducting a speech that is disorganized, lacks appeals, and is full of Fluff. Writing that has such characteristics usually doesn’t get to the heart of what a person is trying to say and lacks rhetoric. I plan on indulging in future classes similar to Professional Writing.

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