Nutrition Log Reflection Assignment

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In addition to the lack of fats that I was consuming on day one, my milk intake was Daly rather low as well. Although, this TLD come quite as a surprise to me, because I tend to be lactose intolerant at times, and don’t always necessarily lean towards foods containing dairy. However, since I have learned the importance of the vital nutrients found in dairy products such as calcium, potassium, Vitamin D, and protein, I have decided to take calcium supplements as a start.

Also, I have decided to incorporate more lactose- free alternatives Into my diet such as low-fat cheese, and low-fat yogurt. In contrast to my seemingly deficient Intake of total fats on day one. I seemed to eve made up for my lack thereof by surpassing my recommended intake by 24. 6% on day two. Needless to say, that could not have been good for my health, considering that the majority of the fats ingested that day were the non-good ones. My intake of total calories from saturated fats was supposed to be less than 10%, I exceeded the recommendation by 3. 6%.

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In order to decrease the amounts of saturated fats that I consume from now on, I am going to choose foods with less or no saturated fat thereby helping myself malting blood cholesterol levels within a normal range, and decreasing my risk for heart disease. In spite of all of the negative aspects of the foods that I had consumed during the three days of logging, I am happy to say that there were a few areas that I met the recommendations of. For example, on day three, my sodium intake was only (and I say only loosely) 1 882 MGM, even though the upper limit recommendation for me Is 2300 MGM.

This was more of a personal triumph for me, considering that I am well aware of the fact that I only need 500 MGM of sodium a day to survive. Nevertheless, I always thought that I was consuming well above the upper limit recommendation, and was quite pleased with my findings regardless. In addition to my lower sodium consumption, I was also happy to discover that my diet was well under the recommended limit for cholesterol, not only on day three, but all of the days.

In conclusion, I found that this assignment was highly beneficial not only for my health, but also because of the extra knowledge It helped me obtain to help me create and maintain a better lifestyle for myself. What stood out to me in particular were my fluctuations of total fat and saturated fat intakes. One of my goals is to try and sustain a healthy balance of the two, and making sure that I include more of the DOD fats that help lower OLD cholesterol, and help raise HAD cholesterol.

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