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The managers arrange the Job to staff and stock controller gave the components of products to shop floor. On the simulation day 1 and day 2, the operation of Ledge was very dreadful. Based on the experience of previously days, the Ledge had become much better on the simulation day 3. This report based on the simulation which we played in the module. There are two major parts of this assignment. First part includes work processes and organization, people and organizational culture, responsiveness to emergent change and ability to plan and implement change.

The second part presents the change model which used for the Ledge. Page 6 2. Work processes and organization The work processes was total dreadful on simulation day 1 . There was no one exactly know what should to do at their position. For example, from my opinion, as a manufacturing staff, I think we did lots of products but none of them sold. We knew that we had tried our best to produce the products, but the company could not sell these products? Why? This event made us definitely frustrate. I think we could produce the products quickly and successful.

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But the whole operation of organization was failure totally. The managers of top management level did not make any strategy for our products market. For instance, the sales manager picked up the orders and informs Logistics manager, then stock controller will received the orders from logistics manager and check the stock if there are enough products to release, if not, he should informs the manufacturing manager. At last, manufacturing staff were informed to assemble the required products from the manufacturing manager.

The products should be delivered to stock controller, after that, dispatcher should deliver the products to the customers. However, the practical operation was completely wrong and unrecognized. Every time the dispatcher did not know what types of products and numbers should deliver to which customers. This was not only fault of dispatcher. In the beginning of the simulation, all managers did not arrange and record the orders. There was also lack of commutation among each department. The structure of the organization was not clear for each department.

I think this was the major reason why our work processes were so chaotic. I nerve was a nudge change auto our work process on ten osculation cay 3, Decease AT each department understood what their Job were and what responsibility for. This change made the operation of company better and the Ledge earned profits at last. 3. People and organizational culture Culture is the environment that environs people at work all the time. It is a very useful factor that shapes people’s work enjoyment, relationships and work processes. Though culture is very important, but it is something that people cannot actually see and touch.

Culture is very difficult to define, but there are still many definition of culture. According to Jacques, The culture of the factory is its customary and traditional way of thinking and doing things, which is shared to greater or lesser degree by all its members and which new members must learn, and at least partially accept, in order to be accepted into service in the firm. ( BURNERS,BERNARD. (2004)) It is also very important to understand the concept of organizational culture. It helps employee to understand the organization better and easier for them understand their Job.

According to Allure, a system of knowledge, of the standards for perceiving, believing, Chi Gong Liana (Organizational culture,2011) page 7 evaluating and acting that serve to relate human communities to their environmental settings. Ledge is very big firm in this simulation. There were many people from different background and culture, such as Asia, Africa, Europe and America etc. Certainly the company is a multi-culture organization. In the first two simulation days, we had some conflicts between us due to some culture different.

For example, we did not have any idea about the culture of Ledge, and did not know each other in the beginning of the simulation. This was the reason why we did not have good commutation and connection with each other. We Just knew how to perform ourselves better and did not realism that we were an organization. I think the individual’s behavior could influence the operation of the organization. But through the first two days cooperation, our company had changed better on the simulation day 3. We were familiar with each other and keep more positive communication with each department.

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