Collaborative and Individual Writing Processes – Assignment

Collaborative and Individual Writing Processes – Assignment Words: 382

Identify and explain at least three advantages and three disadvantages of the collaborative writing process in 200 to 300 words. In what situations might an individual writing process be preferable? Three advantages of the Collaborative writing process: Wider Expertise, Skills, and broader Knowledge advantages. The combination of thoughts and experience will offer a wider variety of ideas and resources than that of a single person. Wider Responsibility.

Time can be an issue for some, so breaking down parts for individual writers to handle will save time and writers can learn from one another. • Diverse Opinions. Collaboration also allows for the writing process to be more productive, gain feedback from group participation and proof reading. This way goals would be achieved more efficiently. Three disadvantages of Collaborative writing process • Interpersonal Conflict. How they say? “Too many chiefs and no Indians. When it comes to making a final decision to close the project, there tend to raise a conflict issue of whose idea to capture especially if one wants to incorporate their personal experiences. • Group Thought. Instead of giving constructive criticism, the group may not be critical of others opinions which can jeopardize the final outcome and may cause the project to be as good as the weakest input. • Workload Disparities. Its can be difficult to decide who get what part of a project or how the workload should be dispersed.

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One may receive more work than another and this may end up in resentment from an unwilling member. I can recall one online experience that a friend of mine had. They were supposed to complete an assignment as a group and have full participation. The group consisted of about 7 individuals all of which had to contribute individually and be graded independently on this collaborative project. Two people did not contribute at all and the rest contributed partially.

For the two that made no effort, it was kind of difficult. Someone had to fulfill their part to complete the assignment. For the rest who participated partially, it was something to work with. However, being that the project had to be completed, my friend took the initiative to complete the assignment despite the lack of help warranted. This is a situation where a single member’s incapability to contribute in a timely fashion adversely affected the entire team.

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