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The situation you have put me in regarding the Peabody account is quite controversial. I would not feel comfortable giving a discount when it is not needed or is it deserved, I was brought up to be trustworthy, and I am not willing to sacrifice my morality for something like this. I understand the importance of the account at hand, but I do not think this is the best way to do it. What you are asking me to do really makes me think of my morals and how I was brought up as kid.

The fact that we would be “hiding” what is actually happening does not sit right with me. You are asking me to sign-off on something that is not defective. If everyone in and outside of our company was to find out what we were doing, I think our actions would be portrayed negatively on both of us. I know how important this account is to you and the company, and by not giving them the “freight assistance” we could lose them as a customer.

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I do think it is possible to not give them the assistance and they may still ay from us since our product is top quality, but by signing-off on this situation and the way stands I think we put both of our Jobs at risk. If the CEO were to find out our actions, I think he would be disappointed. The consequences of our actions are unimaginable. We could both lose our Jobs, and possibly even sued by our own company. In my situation it is best to stick with what I believe in and how I was raised because by doing one thing wrong I would ruin everything I have done right up to this point.

While although telling the front office that the products are faulty is not illegal, it is morally wrong. I think there is a better, more respectable way to go about providing shipping cost to our customers. As in alternative I think we should set-up a discount program for our customers. It can be based on the number of years the customer is with us, and the amount of materials purchased from us. The greater the numbers the bigger the discount could be. For instance, if we acquire a new account they will earn a 5% discount on shipping, per year for the first two years.

Each year after the first two years the company will increase their discount by 1%, up till a Max of 25%. Not only would this help our customers it would also build our reputation in the industry. It will build our reputation because by doing this it is more attractive to our customers and more willing to pick us to do business with. These companies will spread the word about our program to other companies allowing us to grow our accounts. Also by using this alternative we wouldn’t be put in situation where our morals, and our Jobs are in Jeopardy.

I know this is my first account, and I know you don’t think I am cut out for this position because I have no hands on experience but I assure you that with my hard work and dedication I can better this company. I hope you take to heart the memo I have put before you and the alternatives that I have recommended. I think we are in a position to really benefit, and expand our company to reach its maximum potential. I look forward to Business Law Memo By dabber Thank You Peter Green

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