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As reflect over the fall semester, I remember the first free writing assignment we did and how I didn’t know what to write, much less how to Start. Going from having my thoughts all over the place and trying to write like I text, in a hurry. This was not a good start for me, so as our classes went on and the more we’ve worked, the easier it’s become to write a paper. Even though I’ve left out my thesis on my rough drafts numerous times! Now when I write a paper the words come more freely and with a point.

So far the best way Vie found to work on my papers isn’t really systematically. My brain isn’t 1, 2, 3… It’s somewhat disorganized chaos like such; 1, 5, 2, 6. I have found that the best place for me to have brainstorming mime, or even random thoughts/ideas is in the car, walking thru the grocery store, playing tennis, at a football game, anytime really when my body is in motion. If I’m just sitting still waiting for the words to come to me, it doesn’t work. When I begin to work on my paper its never actually during the day.

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I think my brain has too much going on between trying to juggle being super mom, super step mom, taxi driver, chef, wife, and tennis partner! Whew! The only time I seem to be able to slow down and be Marcy the “Student” is in the evening when the kids are in bed and my hubby is either at work or the yoga audio (funny know). Free writing. I honestly don’t like it. To me its more chaos, it makes me feel like threes no point to prove or anything to answer. I much prefer being told what to write or at least having examples.

Writing from my own experience is good I think because it has made me search and reaffirm things had forgotten; and in another way seems to serve as therapy writing. Needing to describe experiences and feelings is a good way to help oneself realize things about themselves they may not even have thought about in a really long time. It also might be useful later on down the road if money ever needs advice and I have the need to write an email or letter. THESIS. Yes, this is the most important, and the one always seem to leave out!

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