Want and Final Reflective Journal Assignment

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The reflective Journal is designed to encapsulate your learning as you move through the simulation and to build both your theoretical and practical understanding of how to create innovative marketing strategies to assist with the achievement of competitive sustainability. Hint: We want to know what happened (descriptive) during the game, what’s going on inside your team and what you learned from the game. This assignment is about what you have learned, it is about reflecting on your experience. Students in the past who have not performed well have focused too such on the descriptive aspects of the game and not enough on reflection.

The reflective Journal assessment consists of the following three parts: 0 Interim Journals- Submission of interim Journal uploads to ‘Learn as you proceed through the simulation game 0 Final Reflective Journal 1 . Part A: Submission of a final reflective Journal once the game has concluded – Part A: Maximum 20 pages (Maximum 20 %) 2. Part B: Submission of Competitive Strategy section as part of the Final Reflective Journal – theoretical approaches to competitive tragedy – (Maximum 1 5%) Due Dates: 1.

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Submit Interim Red Round and Blue Round 1 18 October by 11. 59 pm 2. Submit Interim Blue Round 2-3 by 1 November by 11. 59 pm. 3. Submit Final Reflective Journal by 3 November by 1 1. 59 pm. Maximum length of final reflective Journal is 30 pages. (+1- 10%; excluding title page, table of contents, introduction and reference list). After each of round of the Blue Ocean Game students are to individually prepare and submit a reflection on their observations and learning related to the round in question.

Each section of the reflective Journal should follow the attached suggested sections/content. Note: It is a waste of time if you write the Journal at the end of the game. The objective is to think through and write about your experience straight after each round of the simulation when you memory is fresh. Guidelines for Submission of Interim Reflective Journals 1 . If you want to get the most benefit from your Journal you need to carefully follow the three steps below. Step 1: Want and Final Reflective Journal By Fruit Time-Burrowed

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