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Strategies Leading to Success During high school, I made As and Bi’s. Upon entering adulthood, I became a full-time employee for a Gastroenteritis office. That year was filled with lots of good times and lots of hard times. I was promoted to office manager, and the dream of going back to college was put on hold due to my full- time schedule at work. Shortly after, I became a mother. Later I received a promotion and went through a divorce. For several years, I was a single mom. I have not been in school for about eighteen years, so I am really excited about this semester.

I am now remarried and have the opportunity to follow my dream of becoming a school teacher. As a full-time mom and a part- time college student, I have discovered that there are several learning strategies to help improve my learning. These strategies require discipline and a willingness to change. Also, in order to have a more flexible schedule, I must put forth a good effort to implement these strategies. Upon completion of my research, I have learned that I am a visual learner. Within the next five years, my main educational goal is to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Teaching and Learning degree.

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To reach this goal, within the next five years, I have to make several changes in my personal and academic schedule; I have decided to adjust my daily schedule, to sit at the front of the classroom, and to take notes more effectively. My first learning strategy is to adjust my schedule. The time management calendar assignment helped me look at my schedule in a different way. I learned that I need to make some major changes in my schedule. I am beginning to write everything that I must accomplish in my calendar. Having a calendar helps me keep track of what I have and have not done.

I have noticed that actively using my calendar helps me with my studies and duties as a wife and a mother. I am now using the time between my two classes to read more slowly and to study more. Also, I am now going to the library to study Nina quiet place, away from verbal distractions. This essay has taught me several strategies for improving my study skills. I am studying at night, when my house is very quiet, while my children are sleeping. I do not want to take time away from my children or neglect my mommy duties. In order to have more family time on the weekends, I must try to study more each day of the week.

I can tell these changes have helped me feel less rushed, less stressed and less distracted. My second learning strategy is to sit at the front of the classroom. After being out of school for several years, I have been very nervous and anxious about coming back to school. I know my learning and study skills need improvement. When I was in high school, I never sat at the front of the classroom. I have noticed while being in college my habit has changed; now I sit at the front of the room in both of my classes. I think my seating arrangement in class helps me concentrate more. I enjoy having a clear Strategies to Success

By Economy for in class really helps. I have discovered that it is easier to see the board, while hearing instructions and lectures. My third learning strategy is to take better notes in my classes. I am currently taking United States History 1301 and English Composition 1301 classes. I have found that I needed to improve my note taking method in my United States History 1301 class. Another learning style strategy I have implemented was recording the lectures, during class. Playing the recorded lectures again helps me to retain the information. I compare and review the recorded lecture to my handwritten notes.

I immediately read over my notes and highlight important information with different colors. I use different colors for names, dates, and events. Usually on the same day of class, at night I retype my history notes. I am using a larger size font to help with reading and reviewing the notes. Also, I am typing some of the information in bold face, when I type my notes. I have gone online and searched history websites for illustrations on the events discussed in class. I have discovered that using these strategies is helping me retain the information. After retyping my notes and looking up info, I am prepared for the next lecture in class.

I have noticed major improvements by using my new learning strategies compared to the strategies I had in high school. I am currently doing well in my classes and noticed I do not feel as overwhelmed and stressed like the first week of school . My ultimate goal is to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Teaching and Learning degree. I have an ambitious goal due to being a full- time mom and wife while attending college. I would like to teach fifth grade in the same school district where my children are enrolled. I believe my new time management techniques and learning strategies will help in my personal life and my teaching career.

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