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Purpose of Extreme Sports Extreme sports aren’t the sort of activities recognize and known about around the world in contrast to others. The factor that separates these extreme activities from everything else is the high levels of danger and risk. Although, the danger of extreme sports, it successfully continues to attract many around the world with its psychological benefits. To begin with, one of the psychological motives for extreme sports participation is going to the one mental and physical limit.

For instance, going beyond limits sometimes is stated as a great idea to the finding one self as person with worlds unknown. Another main aspect the tides in with the psychological factor “beyond the limit” is human beings who part take in extreme activity state their motive, as being allowed to feel alive in a certain way by doing something frightening yet accomplishing at same time. For some people, extreme sports are Just experiences which can be helpful to feel that they do have a body. For many these is only possible to identify in overzealous situations such as adventure sports.

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The imperfections of risk in one is also another motive behind the reason of why people choose to part take in risk taking such as extreme sports. Risk taking for extreme sport lovers is something crucial to know. With the extreme athletes themselves to any other person tendency of overestimation is something that part takes in our lives daily. In many studies, the challenge of extreme sports has been proven to be independent, because of its amount of opportunity, in contrast to other sports.

Therefore, independence is another motive why people are choosing to take risk and extreme sports are growing its popularity around the world. Professional Researchers and psychological doctors have attempted to identify and explain the neurophysiology motives that have conducted many to look for no limit experiences. In many studies it’s been spotted and clarify that the reality of people choosing such activity as extreme sports is the increase in amounts of adrenaline. As stated in the website benders. Mom the body’s chemical reaction is related to the ability certain “no limit” situations have to activate a feeling called “attack or flight”, which can for some make us get the pleasurable experience of the shivers. When it comes to the “attack or flight” response, for one such as in extreme sport athlete, this response might be a good assister when stepping up to challenges. For those who love the feeling of shivers, psychologically it has been studied that for these certain people brains are developing more natural components, like dopamine which is normal found in drugs and alcohol.

With such possessions of drugs and extreme ports, it is stated by psychologist, that the real reason behind action sports is participants have significantly lower dopamine receptors compare to the others. Therefore, pleasuring experiences of the shivers is an additional to the list of mental issue for many. This issue can range from students to regular hard working human beings. With the pile of stuff either school assignments or tasks at work, stress is an issue that for many is severe. The real question around the world is how something so extremely dangerous can help reduce stress.

Well I personally as the writer of this essay can relate to this with my therapeutic exercise for stress, which is boxing. Either fighting an opponent or simply training by throwing some punches to a heavy bag. Personally I believe this exercise helps me reduce my stress issue by allowing me to punch them out of my body system. An additional example of an extreme activity that can help many to deal and defeat the high stress levels is rock climbing. In this certain intense and nerve racking sport of climbing rocks every scrap f physical and mental strength is needed to succeed.

The point is with the thrilling amounts of adrenaline these extreme activities contain is helpful when it comes to reducing stress, due to its intensity it requires. In closing it is obvious that cure for stress is there for people and in many various forms so that leads to telling the world, “People Alcohol and drugs are not your best solutions to cure stress” (unknown). One of the psychological motives behind extreme sports participation is the charm of dynamic Joy it provides for many.

This motive for several including myself is quite weird, asking ourselves how people can think extreme sports are amusing and enjoying. Well for take this way people freedom of action is the best way to put this motive for extreme sport. Several state while other traditional sports require specific settings like a gym or field, extreme sports have an advantage on the fact they can practically be done absolutely anywhere. For instance sky diving is a perfect example of an action sport that has no controlled environment.

The point is while for some of s certain things are enjoying to us, for many the fact of Jumping out of plane millions of feet above ground is quite the charm of Joy. For countless amounts of people, the indication behind their participation in extreme sports is to overcome natural response to fear. Many take fear as something very unhealthy for our bodies, but thanks to psychological studies and reviews gradually people have enter the phase of recognition. First by realizing that fear doesn’t always have to be seen as enemy, in certain cases it can even be your best friend.

Responses to fear is like well- developed machinery that at times can help us from taking stupid and Just totally unnecessary risks. On the other hand extreme sports athletes challenge theirs fears and surpass them successfully. By choosing to believe in one’s self we all are capable of finding our certain ways of overcoming fear. Yet, dangerous and deadly, extreme sports can be a mental booster to one’s determination. According to professional study and research, it has been found that such extreme activity can guide to remarkable alteration for one’s confidence and understanding of self.

Sometimes going over the limit is all we need to surpass fear, and make one realize that we are capable of anything we put our mindset to. In summary, with its dangerous and risking factors behind extreme sports psychologically successfully continue to attract many around the world. In closing, besides psychological benefits, extreme sports popularity continues to grow due to the adventure and thrill it gives that’s makes people decide to attempt such risk, despite the possibly of getting severely hurt.

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