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College of Commerce & Economics Strategic Management Micro Environment Analysis Of A’Safwah Company *Aisha dhyab* 55829 *Halima Ali Al Ghafri* 51976 Introduction Adding to above that A’Safwa has high quality of milk which comes from caws that get better care in health and the way they feed it. They use ISO to chick and measured the quality of milk. Furthermore, A’Safwa Product can distribute inside and outside Oman that raise for it several advantages: First, it is the first large and knowledge of local market and culture.

Second, satisfaction of customer is the major goal that A’Safwa is focus on it so it uses technical expertise to facilitate that goal. Finaly, A’Safwa is the number one in Oman and among the top 5 in the region as producers. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the General or macro Environment Forces which help and affect A’Safwa Dairy to understand it’s competitor and use the situation in it’sadvantage.

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Demographic Aging Population Geographic distribution of population Changes in ethnic composition Rising affluence Socialcultural Greater concerns for fitness Greater concerns for environment Increase in temporary workers Political/legal Taxation at local, state, federal levels Increase In federally mandated minimum wages In Sultanate of Oman the minimum wages is 120 OR which stated by a royal decree and must be implemented by both public and private sectors.

In the case of our company, it follows this law and it is trying to increase the level of income based on the level of education and experience of their employees. Government regulation & rules Technological Emergence of Internet technology A’Safwah Dairy uses internet technology to facilitate its process of manufacturing, warehouse management, sales and services in the organization. A’Safwah Dairy take advantage of internet technology by providing its customers with a high-speed online computer order processing system.

This system well allows them to communicate directly with the company and supply them with the information that is related to inventory updates and shipping feedback. For the years of 2005 and 2006 A’Safwah Dairy website wins Gold Award at Oman Web Awards. Computer ” aided design /computer-aided manufacturing system Economic Interest rate Unemployment rate Consumer Price Index Global Increasing global trade Currency exchange rates Conclusion In conclusion we understand that a firm can ucceed by focusing in understanding both the external comptition, the situation and environment and by understanding its internal capability. Also, we understand that the impact of the general environment on a firm’s strategies and performance may vary from one firm to another. As you can notice from the above information that general environment factors affect A’Safwah Company positively.

In our opinion the more understanding and analyzing of the general environment the better understanding of the organization current and anticipated situation. References -http://www. alsafwahdairy. com -A`SafwahDiary Company, Report of the organization and management of the company,Dec-31-2006. A`Safwah Diary Company ,Report of Self-management discussions and analysis of the 2006. -A`Safwah Diary Company, Report of Clarifications, Dec-31-2006.

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