Prejudice And Racism Assignment

Prejudice And Racism Assignment Words: 490

Please save this document before you begin working on the assignment. Type your answers directly in the document. Words appearing in maroon bold font are glossary words. Please refer to the course glossary list for the definitions. Part 1 Racial Profiling: Answer the following questions. (Each question is worth three points) 1 . Give three original examples of racial profiling. Type your response here: part 2 Racism Opinion Essay Submit your opinion essay.

You may type or cut and paste your paper into the space low. (Each question is worth 100 points) 1 . Find two articles about racial profiling. Use the articles and the information in this question to write an opinion essay on the following question: Should Congress pass the End to Racial Profiling Act? You will be graded according to the following criteria: Essay Grading Criteria Explanation Points Value Proper length The proper length is a standard 5 paragraph essay, no longer than three pages, and double-spaced. 0 Prejudice And Racism By piggy Thesis statement A thesis statement is the main point of the paper. A good thesis statement expresses the author’s opinion in one sentence. In a standard five paragraph essay, a thesis statement is usually the last sentence in the introductory paragraph. 20 Supporting paragraphs Each supporting paragraph has a clear topic sentence that supports the opinion expressed in the thesis. 30 Conclusion The conclusion restates the original thesis in different words and summarizes the points discussed in the essay. 0 Grammar and Spelling The essay is free from grammatical and spelling errors. 10 Citations The essay correctly cites at least two sources, preferably newspaper or magazine articles. Use in-text citations and a bibliography. The billeted points below illustrate how to cite sources within a paper: When you are restating someone’s idea in your own words, do not use quotations. Instead, use parenthesis and the author’s name and page number (Smith, page number).

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When you are using exact text, “separate the quote with quotation marks” (Smith, page number). The period in the quote comes after the parenthesis, as shown above. When a quote exceeds three lines of text it should be indented by one inch and separated from the rest of the paragraph. In this case, do not use quotation marks. Note: If you are handing in your essay through the submission, you will not be able to indent text. A bibliography comes at the end of your paper. It is where you credit sources you have used to write your paper.

A bibliographical citation must include enough information that an interested deader could use to locate the article if they wanted to. The last name of the author should be listed before the first name. Use the following format to cite the articles you find: Smith, John. “Title of the newspaper or magazine article. ” Title of the newspaper or magazine. 24 May 2006: section or page number. Articles should be arranged in alphabetical order by last name.

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