Power Point Warm Up Exercise Assignment

Power Point Warm Up Exercise Assignment Words: 647

The purpose of this assignment is to begin the process of looking at Powering as a multimedia tool for business professionals. We are going to examine how we look at presentations in a large room environment instead of “fingers to elbows”. This presentation is not about a particular topic, or theme. It is about skills. It is expected that ALL Powering assignments this semester will be submitted with multimedia elements in them.

Requirements for this assignment are as follows: 1. Slide 1 will have your name, personal photo, and the title of this assignment. 2. Slide 2 will contain an imported worksheet from Excel. Make sure numbers are formatted before you bring it in, and that you maximize the size of the numbers for easy reading. Seeing the data is more important than the title of the slide. (Copy the data, then in Powering; select a blank slide and Paste Special, Excel Worksheet Object. ) What do your numbers tell us? Insert a text box that highlights what we would know about the data.

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If there are significant numbers in the worksheet then highlight them in some appropriate manner. Prime area of a slide is top 2/3 reds, so don’t put your important facts on the bottom of the slide. 3. Slide 3 will contain the results off Query from your Access Warm-up Exercise. Make sure to adjust the size of the font for the data when it is imported into Powering to make it easy to read. (Copy the data, then Just Paste it on a blank slide in Powering. Once there it is a table and can be edited as such. ) 4. Slide 4 will contain 5 facts about you. These are referred to as bullets.

Do not put them in paragraph format. They are 5 separate items that will appear on the slide, one at a time, when you run your presentation. They don’t have to be true. 5. Slide 5 will feature a topic of your choosing. On the slide include a brief statement(s) about the subject. Do not type this information in paragraph format. Use simple statement(s). You will then link this slide to one or more location(s) on the internet that educate us about that topic. (If this is more than one slide, that is okay. Do not have the URL on the slide. We don’t want to see it.

Use multiple ways on your slide to hyperlink to the site- text, pictures. 6. Slide 6 will show us the steps needed to introduce sound into a Powering presentation. Using Print Screen and/or other techniques, make it more graphic than text based. (If this is more than one slide, that is okay. If we follow your instructions, at the end of your process we should be able to hear something. Set option to automatically play instead of play by mouse click. ) For this part of the process to be considered employed, we must be able to hear sound(s) during the presentation.

Make sure your instructions include the full process of what you are teaching us, not Just selecting the sound. 7. Inside the last slide of the presentation you will link a Youths video. There are 2 ways to insert a video- as an embedded file, and as a linked file. Due to copyright laws and file size limitations you will link your video in your presentation. That is fine. Other general requirements: 1. Each slide will have a different transition. 2. Each slide will have a different background. Changing colors does not qualify as changing the background.

Watermark, texture, gradient, Microsoft designs qualify as different backgrounds. 3. Each slide will have at least one piece of clip art or picture. On one slide you will have a mirror effect or reflection with clip art or a picture. 4. Each slide will have some type of animation.

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