Scientific Method Exercise Assignment

Scientific Method Exercise Assignment Words: 626

This document will explain and record the information needed to complete the Scientific Method exercise. All information gathered in this exercise must be submitted on this form so it can be graded properly. Each time you have completed the required work save this document to your computer and then submit this document into MOODLE in the appropriate area. Each time you submit this document it should include the previous work.

You will be using, updating and resubmitting this document several times during the emester as this exercise is designed to complete one section, submit it for a grade, make adjustments (if necessary) and then build upon the corrected work for the next section. Everything you type on this document should come out In red print. This entire exercise is worth a total of 100 points. l. Scientific Method Observation and Hypothesis: 1. Make an observation about anything (It does not have to be science related).

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For example “Coffee out of the pot tastes bitter. ” Type In your observation here (It should type In red print): . Make a hypothesis based upon the observation you made using an “If/then and because” statement. For example “If sugar Is added to coffee, then It will make It taste sweeter because sugar makes things taste sweet. ” Type your hypothesis here Make sure your hypothesis Is testable and relevant In order to be legitimate. Read the rest of the assignment to make sure you will be able to design an experiment around the hypothesis you chose.

Your Instructor will be grading this portion of the experiment to see If the following riteria was clearly met: 40 points: Was an acceptable observation made that a legitimate hypothesis can be created for? 60 points: Was a lucid hypothesis given In an “If/then/because” type of a statement? When you have completed #’s 1 and 2 above save this document and submit It Into MOODLE In the “Scientific Method Part l: The Observation and Hypothesis (submit hereY’ tab so It can be graded. II. Scientific Method Experiment: experiment (with the criteria listed in the power point presentation) to test your hypothesis.

Remember that the experiment does not have to prove your hypothesis to be right it simply has to test your hypothesis. Whether your hypothesis was right or wrong is not what you are being graded on. 2. List the details of your experiment here (be as specific as you can): Your instructor will be grading this portion of the experiment to see if the following criteria was clearly met: 40 points: Is the list of materials enough to test the hypothesis? 10 points: Is the independent variable clearly stated? 10 points: Is the dependent variable clearly stated? points: Is the control group clearly stated? 10 points: Are constants clearly stated? 10 points: Is the procedure well written out so it can be easily followed? 10 points: Are there enough trials represented? When you have completed listing the details of your experiment save this document and submit it into MOODLE in the “Scientific Method Part II: The Experiment (submit here)” tab so it can be graded. Ill. Scientific Method Analysis and Conclusion: 1. Perform your experiment and collect all of the data. Record your data here: .

Make an analysis of your data: 3. List your conclusions about this exercise here: 0-30 points: Was the experiment performed correctly? 0-30 points: Was the data efficiently analyzed? 0-30 points: Were adequate conclusions given on this experiment? 0-10 points: Was it stated that the hypothesis was supported of disproved by the experiment? When you have completed this section save this document and submit it into MOODLE in the “Scientific Method Part Ill: The Analysis and Conclusion (submit here)” tab so it can be graded.

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