Prejudice on to kill a mockingbird Assignment

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Prejudice is a negative aspect of society that has unfavorable affected many different people. In the novel, racial prejudice is evident but there are more types of prejudice on the novel. We said that racial prejudice Is evident because in the novel a black man (Tom Robinson) was caused from raping a woman named Male Lowell and therefore had to go to trial.

There were many points of view with regard to the case of Tom Robinson, but of course all influenced by prejudice because the color of Tom. The people of Macomb town thought that Tom was guilty. Tactics and children (Scout, Gem, and Dill) thought that he was innocent. When we read this we can see that the prejudice is an important theme in the novel. For this reason it is necessary to make an analysis of this topic.

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People of Macomb town always knew what the verdict of the trial was going to be (the Judicial system was full of prejudice), even though some of them deep down knew that Tom was Innocent, he don’t rape Male. [1]. Macomb, like most small southern towns, has a problem with widespread racism (type of prejudice) toward African American people. As Macomb was a small town with little or no new students, people living there formed prejudices about various families over the generations.

Social prejudice in Macomb caused families to be stereotyped, which had a negative impact on members of those various families as it caused their character to become ‘fixed’ just by their household name. It also had a negative impact on the individual residents of Macomb, causing them to have unequal treatment. An example of this prejudice is the rejection attitude of the town to Boo Raddled, only because he is a Raddled . Prejudice in To Kill a Mockingbird can be categorized into three forms, social prejudice, racial prejudice and gender prejudice.

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