Progress Report Assignment

Progress Report Assignment Words: 740

We have agreed as a unified group to prove why Waianae Farm should continue to use Organic Farming for all of Waianae Farms produced fruits and vegetables. Initially, who en Amelia was assigned to the group to work with Ryan and Jennie, since she first wanted d to work on Daycare for Waianae Farm, she was somewhat hesitant.

Not hesitant became use she did not want to work with the other two group members, but because she did not know much about Organic Farming. After about twenty seconds had passed, Amelia said, “You know what? I am going to participate in this group because have faith t hat our group will be successful! ” Amelia also stated, “We just finished with a teamwork k essay and I plan to prove what have learned with the last teamwork assignment. ” J zinc and Ryan were both pleasantly pleased with Amelia’s reaction. Ryan and Jennie are both very familiar with the term ‘Organic Farming”.

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They both have done previous work on the Organic Farming subject and they both mad e it very clear from the beginning that they were really comfortable and confident com letting this project. On the first day of us working as a group, we exchanged contact information(telephone numbers and email contact information), Jennie attempt opted to make a Google drive account, we officially agreed for sure to research Organic c Farming, we all agreed to group norms. In the event of Jennie not be able to form a go glee drive account, Amelia agreed to make the Google drive account for the group later t hat same night.

For us to cohesively work as a successful team, we agreed to: Have daily contact, communicate with each other any information that we found could b infinite us for his particular assignment, communicate if one or more of the group member s would be absent for any class meetings or group meetings, and most importantly, we a greed to all participate equally in the success of our team. Originally, each member of the group was just doing basic research on Organic Farming but further into our researching, we came up with these research qua sections; Are Organic fruits and vegetables better for a persons health?

Are Organically grown fruits and vegetables better for the soil and dirt surrounding organic plants? What are some of the cons for organic farming? And, if farmers within the Hawaiian Islam ads are more susceptible to organic farming or conventional farming and why? Because SE Jennie and Ryan both agree tremendously that Organic Farming is the best way for c ropes to be grown, Amelia was interested in knowing what ways Organic Farming can be harmful, if any. So, it was agreed that Amelia would research the cons of Organic Farming g.

Ryan is familiar with crop rotation so agreed to research more information about t he soils and surrounding crops of conventional crops and organic crops. Jennie is somehow ATA healthy conscious eater and is going to prove why organic crops are more he Thy to ensure than conventional crops. At this moment, we are unsure if we are g owing to include the fourth research question in our presentation or not. As we proper as in the project, as a group, we will determine if we should include our fourth research h question or not.

Our research plan includes: Everyone in the group conducting research daily f our final presentation, whatever research a group member may find pertaining Organic Farming and answering our research questions, will put that informant Ion on our group Google drive account and notify the remaining group members of the if endings via ext or email so the remaining group members will review the information on Google drive and decide if they agree that the information found will benefit the group p presentation, since we now understand what the “A” in the CRAP means, we will research any names of any people included in our citations to insure that the y actually are accurate sources, and we will practice our presentation over and over unit I we feel that we are ready to make a presentable presentation for the classroom, our professor, and our librarians who were so helpful in helping us learn how to conduct pro per research.

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