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To understand how information can be used for efficient and effective managerial decision making Student Learning Outcomes Be able to understand the cost system Can find out the relationship between cost-volume and profit Get an idea on how budgets are prepared for an organization How performance of an organization is measure. Learning Resources And Textbook(s) Text Book(s) Author Title Edition & Year Publisher ISBN Garrison, Noreen, Brewer 13th Edition 2010 McGraw Hill Teaching Strategy Extensive lectures will be given on every topic. Summary of the lectures will be available through lecture modules.

Students are highly encouraged to take notes carefully. The lectures will be highly interactive. Students are encouraged to participate in discussion and share their ideas. Assessment Strategy and Grading Scheme Grading tool Points Attendance 5% Quizzes (Best 3 out of 4) Group Report 15% Assignments Midterm 1 Exam Midterm 2 Exam Final Exam 25% Grading Scale: NSA standard grading scale will be followed. Please Refer to ANSI Student Handbook, Section: “Grading Policy’ Classroom Rules of Conduct 1 . You may use your laptops in the class for class related work.

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Do not use your laptop for non-class related work or in any manner that will be distracting to other students or the instructor. 2. Use of cell phones in class is not permitted. 3. Students are advised to frequently refer to the Student Handbook of North South University on the following link: 4. Academic Integrity Policy: School of Business does not tolerate academic dishonesty by its students. At minimum, students must not be involved in cheating copyright infringement, submitting the same work in multiple courses, significant collaboration with there individuals outside of sanctioned group activities, and fabrications.

Students are advised that violations of the Student Integrity Code will be treated seriously, with special attention given to repeated offences. Please Refer to ANSI Student Handbook, Sections: “Disciplinary Actions” and “Procedures and Guidelines”. Late Assignment Policy Promptness is a highly valued attribute in the workplace. Employees are expected to plan ahead to meet deadlines. Managers reprimand or terminate employees who are repeatedly late in submitting assignments. In this course, fumigating assignments late will be penalized. For each day late, 10 percent will be deducted from the value of the assignment.

Group Project policy Each group (between 2-5 students) will submit a final report consisting of 3000 words (hard copy and electronic copy). More details about the structure, components, time and criteria for assessment of the project will be announced during the semester. Exams & Make up Policy In order to complete the course, students must submit all the required assignments and sit for the exams. Make-up exams are not given unless there s a major circumstance preventing the student from sitting in the exam (official material evidence is required).

The timing of the make-up is to be fixed with the instructor of the course if granted. Cell phones are prohibited in exam sessions. All the resources along with bags/purses/handbags must be kept at the front of the class during exam. Student MUST bring their own calculators during exam. See of others calculator/mobile phones as calculators will not be allowed. Attendance Policy Students are required and expected to attend all classes and participate in class discussions.

North South University mandates to fail students who are absent 25% or more from their classes, even if such absences are excusable. Please Refer to NUNS Student Handbook, Section: “Study Principles and Policies” Communication Policy All communications should take place using the instructors email.

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