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This course is directly concerned with the role of computers in business systems and different business functions. It takes a structured view of managerial decision making. Everyday examples of finance, marketing, supply chain management and logistics, and human resource management and development are studied using hands-on and learn-by-example model development. The emphasis of this course is the practical implementation of real world model rather than traditional theoretical approach.

This course helps dents to put theoretical concepts into practical applications. It focuses on the ingredients of student knowledge necessary for success in business administration and to cope with the challenges Inherent In the implementation of rapidly advanced encourages the student to focus on developing skills in “how’ to build a model while summarizing the mathematical logic as to “why’ the model is constructed. Microsoft Office the main tools used in this course.

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Grading Policy and Evaluating Student Performance Grades will be determined through a combination of examinations, required assignments, and other classroom or lab work, as follows: Item I Percentage I CAP + Tendentiousness/disproportionately Projected Terminal exam I | Total | 100% | Academic Honesty and Student Conduct Group work assumes you are working together. However, all academic honesty policies of the JAKE still apply. Each student is expected to do his/her own work for individual homework and exams.

Asking a neighbor for help with an error message or for hints in the lab is generally K, as is discussing concepts generally, UT copying the work of another or working through a problem together instead of doing the work yourself is cheating. Any student who cheats during an examination or who assists another student in cheating during an examination will automatically FAIL the course. The case may also be forwarded to the Office of Academic Affairs for university disciplinary action.

Cheating includes, but is not limited to: crib sheets, copying answers from another student’s exam, use of recording devices, use of calculators capable of storing alphanumeric data, and gaining unauthorized prior access to exams or answers. Any student who cheats on a quiz, assignment, case, or lab exercise; or any student who assists another student to cheat on a quiz, assignment, case or lab exercise will be subject to a penalty determined at the instructor’s discretion.

Penalties may include, but not limited to, a reduction in points awarded, zero points awarded, and automatic FAILURE of the course. The case may also be forwarded to the Office of Academic Affairs for university disciplinary action. Cheating includes, but not limited to: submitting any other person’s work as your own (or any portion hereof), submitting any previous semester’s assignment, case, or lab exercise, copying another student’s spreadsheet, database, or programming problems, or similar offenses.

If you have any doubt, ask your instructor before you submit the work as your own. After you submit the work, it is too late to ask. Attendance Policy lecture and lab time. Students are held accountable for all the lecture and reading materials and for completing the assignments on time, regardless of attendance. Class participation is a factor in your final grade. If the attendance percentage is less than 85%, the student is automatically disqualified from taking the final exam.

Textbook and other Resources Business Driven Information Systems, 3rd edition by, Balkan. Other than this book I would be using some other books also, plus quite some case studies and articles. I would provide you the material of everything I use in the class. Course Contents: * Business Driven MIS: This section will talk about how today’s organizations can compete in the information age. What challenges are faced by today’s companies and owe could they come up with the right solutions for those challenges.

How could they make the right strategies in successfully running their business with the applications of MIS. * Decisions and Processes: this section will talk about how to make business decision making with the help of computer systems. How to evaluate the business process and support changing business processes with the help of MIS * Electronic Business: How could we efficiently apply the electronic business in the businesses and get the optimal benefits of this information technology which is widely spread round the globe.

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