Academic integrity Assignment

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An article from Eastern Illinois Student Standards Website states, “Easterner’s policy is that all cases of misconduct be reported. ” (http://win. EIA. Du/ judicial/caddishness. PH) 2) Option A is displaying Academic dishonesty, because instead of learning the material, and trying to get an understanding for the subject, the student just copies the answers. Not only would he get in trouble if he is caught using the fraternity’s answers, but his fraternity could also get in a great deal of trouble. In the end, they are only cheating themselves.

Option B is a much ore practical way to go about learning the material, because instead of just copying the right answers, the student is taking the time to realize their mistakes, and work through the problems to achieve the right answers. 3) Although you might have received a great grade on your psychology paper, it is cheating to use the same paper for another class/subject. Although you did write it, it is considered plagiarism to use the same paper for another assignment. (Turning. Com/Doleful pick up on this). “The value that we place on education should be reflected in our response to academic misconduct.

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In the absence of mitigating factors we recommend that an F for the course should be the minimum appropriate response for deliberate violations. ” (http://www. EIA. Du/judicial/caddishness. PH , Eastern Illinois Academic Integrity website) Your teacher would want you to put in the time and effort to create a paper for their class, not use a previously written paper, because that’s the easy way out. Once again, the student is not only cheating himself or herself, but they are also showing academic dishonesty by using the same paper for another class.

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