Academic Integrity Assignment

Academic Integrity Assignment Words: 311

At Athens State University, the instructors and administrative employees have established a list of consequences that may apply to any assignment in which reflects even the slightest signs of cheating. These consequences may include: requirement to submit additional work or take additional exams, a lower or failing grade on the assignment or examination, a lower or failing grade in the course, or removal from class. Additional penalties are also subject to be imposed such s: reprimand, disciplinary probation, disciplinary suspension, or dismissal.

It is possible to avoid plagiarism though. One simple fix may include using quotation marks around words, sentences, or paragraphs. This symbolizes you are restating another scholar’s work and are not claiming it as your own. Another way to assure your paper does not reflect dishonesty is to use correct citations when paraphrasing. This will allow credit to be given where it is due. Students may also discuss their ideas with their instructors when they re thinking about using work that has previously been created.

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Academic Dishonesty Policies are extremely appropriate in creating an atmosphere of professional ethics. It promotes each student to think critically on their own and holds them accountable for their work. By pressuring students to refer to their own ideas when creating their work may also raise an individual’s level of confidence when he or she excels in assignments. It influences academic integrity and sets a moral code in academic research and publishing. Should changes be made when referencing Academic Dishonesty Policies?

It is my personal opinion that the policies should remain as they are. Believe the policies promote critical thinking skills and allow new ideas to be generated in our educational and work environments. Such new ideas challenge current companies to grow and expand their knowledge and distinguish themselves from other companies.

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