Academic dishonesty Assignment

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We can avoid plagiarism by following a few rules to ensure we are not legalizing someone’s work. We need to make sure we are citing properly for someone else’s ideas, use quotation marks for phrases that are taken directly from a source. Lastly, but most importantly always allow enough time for assignments, because plagiarism tends to happen when we try rushing our work and not allowing enough time for an assignments, these are just some ways we can avoid plagiarism. What are the consequences of popularizing at the University of Phoenix?

The consequences of plagiarism at the university of Phoenix are a failing course read, suspension, or expulsion from the University. These are things we can avoid if we just take the time to do our best work and allow ourselves enough time to get our work done and also make sure that if we use someone’s work we use the proper format. We all want to avoid these consequences as I am sure this is something may follow you from school to school. What impact does avoiding plagiarism have on academic writing integrity?

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Academic writing integrity is taken very seriously at the university of Phoenix, ND plagiarism is a considered a form of academic dishonesty. And this would result in an undermining of the learning process. There are many resources available at the University of Phoenix student website writing for excellence where students can submit their papers to check for plagiarism and even to assist us in different writing techniques to write that paper before they submit so we should all utilize these resources. Avoiding plagiarism is greatly looked upon when it comes to writing integrity.

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