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Progress Report We as a learning team are progressing well through the assignment. Each member took on a deferent topic that needs to be addressed in the final project. We are each starting our sections of the final project. Each team member will be completing two pages each for the final project. We are right on track for the final weeks team assignment. Also, for the final team presentation each of the team members will complete two slides each to be collaborated for the final presentation. The team Is irking well together and so far everyone Is contributing equally.

Jennifer has completed the outline for the final team project. The outline Is below: McBride Financial Services Risk Assessment GMT/442 July 16, 2012 McBride Financial Services, one of the Virtual Organizations, is currently opening offices in Boise, Idaho and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Select one of the locations and prepare a comprehensive risk assessment for McBride management team. The risk assessment should identify the background and potential risks that could impact the operation of the business.

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It will provide Background Possible Failure Scenarios Potential targets of terrorist activity such as government offices, law enforcement agencies, or politically sensitive businesses or services Public Imagine and Reputation Public transportation facilities that might handle the carriage of dangerous or hazardous substances, which could be involved in major accidents Potential targets of criminal activity Safety and Environment The use of toxic chemicals in the vicinity of the business by manufacturing processes

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