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Details on how to trade are on Jockstrap Web site at http:// www. Stocker. Com. Your goal is to maximize the risk-adjusted return, defined as the Sharpe ratio of your portfolio. Registration Register with Stocker (on their Web site). Please go to web-site: http:// www. Stocker. Com/public/members/argumentativeness’s. Asps? P=LU-Effie-fallacy After registration, please review Stocker FAQ and user manual. Trading Stocker offers web-based trading; details are in the registration materials and on the Web. Your account is limited to 300 trades for the period from September 8 to December 1 .

Your orders are executed at “real-time”l stock prices. To focus the mind, your portfolio should only consist of stocks (including exchange traded funds, I. E. , IETF) and/or cash. Note that you can take advantage of IETF to implement flexible investment strategies. Jockstrap website offers tools to track your portfolio performance continuously. In addition, you can set up portfolio lists at financial websites such as Yahoo! Finance to keep track of real-time news about any stocks of interest or in your portfolio. Performance Analysis Each team is required to write two performance evaluation reports: 1 .

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The first report is slotted at the middle stage of the investment period. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on your investment strategy so far, and to make adjustment if needed. 2. The final report is due one week after the investment period. This is the time for you to summarize the whole investment experience. Each report should consist of the following three components: 1) A description of your planned investment strategy, including your asset allocation strategy and stock selection strategy. 2) A description of your implementation of your planned investment strategy via individual trades.

To be precise, the quotes you see in Stocker have a 20-minute delay from the real time prices. Stock Track Report By humiliatingly implementation More detailed information on the requirement will be discussed in class. You are required to submit the written performance reports to the designated ICON drop boxes by the posted deadlines. Presentations Each team is expected to present at the end of the semester, based on the Stocker trading experience. Teamwork surveys To ensure the quality of teamwork, a survey form is posted on ICON. The survey lows students to evaluate each team member’s contribution.

There is a designated ICON dropped for survey submissions. Your grade on the team assignments and presentations depend on both your team’s grade and your contribution (as evaluated by your teammates). Therefore, a member’s grade can be different from the team average if the survey feedback suggests significantly lack of effort from any member. We all realize that, in any team collaboration, some members will contribute more than other members. We don’t want to encourage bickering on who has done what, UT we should all approach the teamwork with the right attitude, and put up sincere effort.

Grades The investment game accounts for 15% of your total grade. Here is a breakdown: Portfolio performance 3% Written performance reports The performance grade (3%) is determined as follows. At the end of the game, all teams are ranked based on the Sharpe ratio of the portfolios. The team with the highest Sharpe ratio will receive 3 points, and the team with the lowest Sharpe ratio will receive 1 point. In addition, one extra credit will be given to the top two teams across the two class sections. 2 3

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