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Someone being bullied Smith was angry because Brian threatened him for not telling his bad behavior at school. His parents only knew that their son was obedient and honest. But if Smith did not tell the truth he would be suspected for stealing the toys at class. Only Smith could prove it for he knew where Brian hid the toys. His anger started to rise, seeing Brian showing his fist after class A fight Smith could not control his temper for being accused as a thief. He came towards Brian and his friends, punching him on the face. Brian rose and kicked his legs. His legs hurt.

Smith leaped and kicked his mouth. His mouth bleed. He cried loudly. Other boys who saw the fight did not predict that Smith could make Brian cry like a child. Repentance The death of his close friend made James realise that gangsters did not provide a bright future for him. At that night, guilt-ridden and miserable, he stayed up crying uncontrollably remembering the people he had tortured and murdered. The only way he could do was to escape as far as possible from this nightmare. The preach of the gospel he heard incidentally aroused his plan for a better life.

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Isolation After the divorce, media blamed Jeniffer for her incompetent of raising her children normally. Her family made the matters worse by keep asking about her private life. Her life was full of burden. The only thing, she thought visiting the places which could bring back lots of wonderful memories of her childhood. Since she was famous, life has been uncomfortable for her. Slight mistake she made bought a big luck to the media. Isolation is really needed if someone who was fed up with issues, gossips, or even accusation. A tense situation

I remembered that day vividly when I forgot to do my homework. I spent the evening playing cards with my uncle. Even though they had reminded me several times that I had to do my assignment first. But I simply answered “everything is Ok”. As Usual Mr. George, the most strict teacher will call the students by name to carry the homework to the front of the class. The class was noticeably different from the rest of the dilapidated class. “Andrew, hand in your homework! ” he commanded. My hands were shivering. All eyes were looking at me as I handed in the empty pages.

Release of results It was three in the afternoon, two weeks had passed since test, and hundred of participants gathered in a room. Some of them expressed worried appearance. Some were even nervous as they really expected to be accepted as the civil servant. The economic crisis made it seemed difficult for one to obtain a job. I stood at the back row. the people crowded right in front of the bulletin board. Many of them cried after seeing it. Only a few were brimmed with happiness. It was my turn to stand in front of it.

I hurriedly read the papers, and saw my name at last part. I saw it repeatedly to make sure that it was me. I was wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes. Examination hall “Two minutes before the paper starts. ” It was peaceful and tense, like there was no one in the hall. Not even one of the candidates dared to make a single noise. Only the footsteps and the shoe tapping of the invigilators were heard, maintaining that quietness. Their eyes were as sharp as an eagle’s, watching every student carefully. They could maintain that stillness until the paper was over.

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