Report on International Business Strategy Assignment

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The assessment is an individual assignment which you will submit as two separate tasks. The first task will contribute 40% to your final module mark and will involve an audit into the global market opportunities for a firm of your choice from your home country (see the section headed ‘Assignment brief’ below for further guidance). This task will specifically assess learning outcomes 1, 2, and 3. The second task will contribute 60% to your final module mark and will comprise an international, edium-term strategic marketing plan for the firm that you have analysed in the first task.

This task will specifically assess learning outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Assignment brief You have been hired by an organisation in your *home country which is seeking market expansion opportunities overseas for one of its products, services, or brands. Your remit is to first carry out analysis (task one) and to then produce a medium-term strategic marketing plan (task two), based on the findings of your analysis, for entry into the international market. You must firstly make the decision as to your choice of rganisation.

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We recommend that you choose a firm of which you have some background knowledge. You can research any international market, providing that you can find opportunities in that market for your firm’s product or brand. However, you must ensure that the firm you choose has not already launched the product, service, or brand into the market you are investigating; your brief is to find a new market opportunity. * You may select an organisation that is owned by a parent company outside of your home country providing that your product, service, or brand s marketed from your home country.

Task one (audit) instructions: Format: Written report (see guidelines below on report format). Submission date: See assessment scheduler. Submission format: Submit a hard copy to SHIP and a soft copy to Turnitin (see below). by the submission date. Word count: 2,500 words (+ / – 10%). Your work may include appendices if necessary but you must not put content in the appendix that is part of the assessment criteria. Words in tables, diagrams, charts, and fgures are excluded from the word count and academic references are also excluded.

Referencing: SHU Harvard referencing must be used throughout the report. Turnitin: The Turnitin tool is available on the Blackboard site for this module and you can submit your work as many times as necessary to Turnitin before you submit your final hard copy to SHIP. Task one assessment criteria: 1. A background to the organisation that explains its current market position (strengths and weaknesses), international marketing experience, and its need to explore new markets. 2. A ‘rough market screening’ of your chosen global region. 3.

A ‘fine market screening’ and ranking of markets which will lead to the selection of one market. 4. An opportunity analysis of the international market, including the analyses of customer buyer behaviour (and potential segments), and competitors within the market. 5. A SWOT analysis that highlights your findings. Guidance on report format Each task should be presented in a report style format and should include the following elements: 1 . Cover page (excluded from word count) 2. Contents page (excluded from word count) 3. Report style numbering system 4.

Appendix where necessary (do not bury content in the appendix that is part of the assessment criteria) 5. Main headings to separate out key sections 6. Sub-headings to separate out key sub-sections 7. Bullet points for lists 8. Bibliography using the SHU Harvard referencing system (excluded from word count) A final note on referencing Note that all external sources in your assessed work must be properly referenced using the SHU Harvard referencing system and that it is not acceptable at this level of academic study to reference un-trusted sources such as Wikipedia,

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