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Carry out internal and external audit for your chosen organization Analyze the organization’s stakeholder analysis and explain its implications on your chosen company. 2. Task 2 Based on your analysis in task 1 and the mission and vision of your chosen company, discuss the possible alternative strategies that your group would suggest to implement. Discuss the reasons and criteria for choosing and selecting your proposed strategy. 3.

Task 3 Complete the report and propose steps to implement your chosen strategy in task 2 In the reports, you are expected to conduct a secondary and primary research to express your understanding on your chosen company. Aim of the assignment This assignment satisfies the following learning outcomes: ALL Be able to formulate a new strategy 2. 1 analyses the strategic positioning of a given organization by carrying out an organizational audit 2. Carry out an environmental audit for a given organization 2. Assess the significance of stakeholder analysis when formulating new strategy 2. Present a new strategy for a given organization ALL Understand approaches to strategy evaluation 3. 1 analyses the appropriateness of alternative strategies relating to market entry, abstractive growth, limited growth or retrenchment for a given organization 3. 2 justify the selection of a strategy ALL Understand how to implement a chosen strategy 4. 1 assess the roles and responsibilities of personnel who are charged with strategy implementation 4. Analyze the estimated resource requirements for implementing a new strategy for a given organization 4. Evaluate the contribution of SMART targets to the achievement of strategy implementation in a given organization. Specific requirements (see Appendix for assessment criteria and grade descriptors) 1. Task 1 Create an internal and external audit for your Project Identify the company’s mission Create a SOOT analysis for your company based on: – External analysis using PEST/PESTLE; Porter’s 5 forces, etc. – Internal analysis using VIRGIN You may consider the following questions: What environmental, economic, etc. And other key problems did your company face during its development phases?

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What core competences does the company demonstrate? What is your company’s competitive advantage? This report satisfies assessment criterion 2. 1 and 2. 2 Create stakeholders’ analysis and assess its significance Compare the different expectations of stakeholders: Economic stakeholders Social/political stakeholders Technological stakeholders Community stakeholders Identify their interest, expectations, and power using Stakeholder Mapping. You may consider the following questions: How the lack of business clarity and strategy conflicted the expectations of stakeholders?

This report satisfies assessment criterion 2. 3. Present and demonstrate the reasons for choosing a new strategy to be implemented in the following tasks This report satisfies assessment criterion 2. 4 2. Task 2 03 Understand approaches to strategy evaluation and selection Based on your analysis in Report 1, on organizational culture and structure, intended growth and development, etc. Identify, discuss, analyses and justify the appropriateness of alternative strategies: Strategy direction: market penetration, product development, market development, etc.

Market entry analysis and strategies Substantive growth strategies Limited growth or retrenchment Select your business and corporate strategy and discuss and explain the reasons why you choose them with appropriate analysis. (suitability, acceptability, equability, etc. ) This report satisfies assessment criterion 3. 1 and 3. 2 3. Task 3 – Based on the company’s vision, mission; supervision, cultural systems, etc. : Roles and responsibilities or managers, teamsters, etc. In operating activities This task satisfies criterion 4. – Discuss and evaluate resource requirements to implement your strategy: human resource, finance, technology, logistics, etc. This task satisfies criterion 4. 2 – Set out SMART targets for each of the stages of your strategy implementation and evaluate its contribution. – Propose a time period for achieving and monitoring your strategy This task satisfies criterion 4. 3 This report satisfies assessment criterion ALL. Student guidelines GEL 1 You should write this assignment in academic style, make sure you have introduction, body, and conclusion.

GEL 2 You could use models, theories, diagrams and tables where appropriate to enhance your argument. Remember to reference the sources. Geology should use in-text references and a list of all cited sources at the end of the essay (Harvard Referencing Style) GEL Your report should be approximately 4000 words in length (excluding the appendices and preferences) GEL You should conduct a secondary research in order to complete the tasks of the assignment effectively and comprehensively, with evidences to support your answer. Submission requirements You are expected to submit both soft and hard copy of the following documents to your instructor: 1 .

Report 2. Evidence of primary research (if any) must be included in the Appendix. No late submission is allowed. APPENDIX: ASSESSMENT CRITERIA AND GRADE DESCRIPTORS Learning outcomes Assessment criteria for PASS To achieve a pass grade the evidence must show that the learner is able to Grade scripture for MERIT To achieve a merit grade the evidence must show that, in addition to the pass criteria, the learner is able to Grade descriptors for DISTINCTION To achieve a distinction grade, the evidence must show that, in addition to the pass and merit criteria, the learner is able to ALL Be able to formulate a new strategy 2. Assess the significance of stakeholder analysis when formulating new MI. Identify and apply appropriate models, theories (organizational and environmental analysis) 1. 1 Relevant theories and techniques (variety of techniques like SOOT, PESTLE, VIRGIN, etc. Have been applied 1. 2 Complex situations, problems have been identified in term of strategy selection, evaluation and implementation 1. 3 Justification has been made in terms of model evaluation, strategy selection and justification 1. 4 Pros and cons for resource allocation MM.

Select, design and select appropriate methods Critically select, design and evaluate the appropriate strategies with comparisons to choose the best strategies and critical reasoning 2. 1 Appropriate strategies have been chosen with relevant evidence (choose the appropriate source for strategy implementation and the expected roles and responsibilities to carry out the strategy with suitable timescales) 2. 2 Clear and appropriate examples explained and presented (name out the required manager, change agents, roles and responsibilities, etc. The expected financial, technology, humans, etc. Resources) 2. 3 A range of sources of information has been used and analyses (updated information to set up effective timeline) 2. 4 Strategies and models are justified and explained (making comparisons where possible within the industry) MM. Assignment presentation 3. The appropriate structure and approach has been used 3. 2 Coherent, logical development of concepts (environmental, organizational audit, chosen strategies like market entry, retrenchment, etc. Or the intended audiences) 3. 3 A range of methods of presentation has been used and technical language has been accurately used. 3. 4 Correct referencing Del. Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusion: 1. 1 Self criticism approach on the chosen strategies has taken place (difficulties and obstacles in gathering information). 1. 2 Realistic implementations have men proposed against defined characteristic for success (pros and cons of the chosen strategy are taken into consideration) 1. Conclusions have been made (chosen roles, responsibility, strategy) 1. 4 Validity of the result has been justified (sustainability, feasibility, etc. ) 1. 5 Coherence among responsibility and strategy selection and evaluation DO. Responsibility for managing and organizing activities 2. 1 autonomy and independence demonstrated 2. 2 activities have been managed (primary and secondary data was managed and analyzed appropriately) 2. 3 synthesis of different sources of data is collected and applied objectively 2. 4 interdependence was shown DO.

Demonstrate convergent/lateral/creative thinking 3. 1 Keen analysis has been proposed with realistic evidence 3. 2 Application and comparisons have been made against academic models (pros and cons in terms of Vietnamese context); researchers’ analysis 3. 3 extended academic models have been presented 3. 3 Creative thinking has been applied 3. 4 propose new ideas for the Vietnamese context (in terms of appropriate terminologies) 3. 4 critical review, conclusions, and recommendations on terminologies in the Vietnamese context 3.

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