Marketing Progress Report Final Assignment

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PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING PROGRESS REPORT SUBMITTED TO: Mr. Ejaz Mian Ms. Farah Naz GROUP MEMBERS: Osama Masood Syed Muhammad Mujtaba Souban Ahmad Sheikh Umair Ali Mirza BBA ??? MIS III / II FALL SEMESTER ’08 INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION TABLE OF CONTENTS PURPOSE STATEMENT: BACKGROUND: WORK PROGRESS: We have so far conducted surveys for both the retailers as well as consumers which reveal problems with Pakola’s packaging and poor market positioning of the product.

The surveys also tell us that the drink is way too sweet regarding the taste of the consumers in Punjab. We also have interviewed some distributors outside Karachi to determine the exact problems which Pakola face in other parts of the country. Our project will be completed by going through the following procedures: Analyzing questionnaires. 10. Studying their marketing strategies. 11. Identifying flaws with the current strategies. 12. Determining reasons for decline. 13. Identifying alternatives for a successful strategy. 14.

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Plan a new marketing strategy. 15. Cross criticism on the proposed strategy. 16. Implementation. So far, we have completed the first six of the above mentioned procedural steps, ending at our first visit at MBL office, SITE. Our appointments for meeting the contact personnel at MBL are scheduled for next week. Lack of online information: Unfortunately, due to insufficient useful data available online, we have to extract most of our findings through interviews and manual methodologies like questionnaires for both the retailers and consumers.

Moreover, it’s also a nail biting job to scrutinize the available information through cross checking. *Non-serious behavior*: Some of the people who were requested to fill out our questionnaires exhibited non-serious attitude which might hamper our research findings. To overcome these problems, we prefer filling the questionnaires our selves based on the face to face answers of the participants. We will also keep an error margin once we are concluding our questionnaire statistics in order to overcome misleading results.

Lack of opinion: FUTURE PLANS: About 60% of the questionnaires have been filled by participants who are in Karachi. The rest have been distributed in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Wah cantt, Lahore and Peshawar equally. This will give us a good idea of Pakola’s market outside Karachi too. Data would be tabularized and graphed as soon as the questionnaires from outside Karachi are received. RETAILER QUESTIONAIRRE Ans:__ Q2) Is Pakola the first preference of your customers?

Q3) What do you think is Pakola’s share against the other available brands in soft drinks? Q7) Which flavor is asked for more? (5 for most; 1 for least) Q8) Which age group demands Pakola more? (5 for most; 1 for least) Q9) What does the consumer buying behavior suggests, are they Q10) Does Pakola initiate any promotional campaign through retail outlets? If yes than what they do? _ Q11) Have you noticed any decrease or increase in Pakola’s sales in your store over the past few years?

What do you think are the likely reasons of this trend? __ Q 14) Do you think this product has any market potential? CONSUMER QUESTIONNAIRRE Q1) Which age group you belong to? Q2) If you are thirsty, what is the first thirst quenching drink that comes to your mind? Q3) Have you ever tried Pakola? Only *to *be asked if answer to Q2* is not Pakola If No is the answer then go directly to Q*10 Q4) How would you rate Pakola as a beverage on a scale of 5?

Only to be answered if* answer to Q1 is Pakola or answer to Q3 is Yes Q5) How often do you drink Pakola? Q7) Do you think Pakola is effectively marketed and promoted? Q8) Which Flavor of Pakola do you prefer? Rate on a scale of 1 – 5 (where 1 being the worst and 5 being the best) Q9) Why do you think people like Pakola? Q10) Is Pakola easily available in your area? If ‘Yes’, then how would you rate these ads? (5 being really effective, convey the right message! and 1 being Poor! Vague and not attention grasping)

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