Feminist Critique of The Tempest Assignment

Feminist Critique of The Tempest Assignment Words: 454

The Tempests normalization of minority characters WI thin the storyline shows several examples of exactly how these characters are, in a way, “torte need”, including: the evidence that harsh judgment is given by major characters to all minority groups from the iris introduction of their characters, along with the fact that they are each vie wed differently in the eyes of major groups, yet with the same lack of power or importance, in t he play and other sources. Minority characters usually retain an “invisible”, yet normal feeling in many et sets and novels.

However, the minor characters in The Tempest, while included more t Han most, are judged harshly throughout the entire play. For example, after meeting Scalia n for the first time (Act II, Scene II, 64), Stephan and Trujillo automatically assume that he is so e sort of “devil spirit” or “monster” (Act II, Scene II, 65). Because Clinical is different than what the Europeans are used to, they assume the worst in exactly what he is. Another character ex mined crudely in the text is Scoria, who is referred to as a “foul witch” (Act l, Scene II, 36) by Pr spoor.

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While Scoria had many of the same powers as Prospers, himself, only she was call De a witch. The bleak and acrid impression of many of The Tempest’s seemingly meager India ideals shows the plays strident critique of it’s minute “sidecars”. Since the release of The Tempest, it has been “remade”, or rendered differently yin many medias (Including several essays, rewrites, and the movie), yet in each, the mi minority characters are interpreted as “beasts”, “possessions”, or “slaves” who contribute very little e to the overall storyline.

For example, Miranda is given away to Ferdinand as a “gift” from Pr spoor (Act IV, Scene l, 87), almost like she is a form of object that can be used as her father wishes. Along with that, Ariel, a spirit owned by Prospers, is used several times throughout the Pl y to do his bidding For instance, crashing the ship in the beginning (Act l, Scene II, 33). Eve en though Ariel displays an extreme array of powers, he is thought of as a “servant” and some one that eve few people fear.

While both Ariel and Miranda seem to be portrayed as minority c harassers, they are used abundantly to Prosperous advantage, which shows how they are each vie wed as his “possessions” While racism, sexism, and the overall discrimination of minority groups is Oslo wily disappearing from society, The Tempest is an example Of how the presence 0 such will never be completely gone at least not from texts.

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