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Rather, they demonstrate relationships between ideas and provide a basis for a methodology or a hurry, and as such, they are useful as lenses for viewing and Interpreting significant, substantive issues to the discipline. Thus, paradigms that are often used for nursing research, such as empiricist, interpretive and critical social paradigms, provide frames that hold the vocabulary, theories, principles, presuppositions and values related to an Inquiry. Development by Comparison or Contrast High School and College Even though high school and college are both institutions of learning, they differ in at least three ways.

The first difference between high school and college is their social Atmospheres. In high school the facility is usually smaller, and students are, for the most part, well acquainted with each other. In addition, students In high school have the same SIX hours 7:45 to 1 day, thus helping them to know one another better. On the college scene people are constantly coming and going, therefore rarely seeing the same person twice in a day, which accounts for fewer people being acquainted with each other. The second difference between high school and college is their policies about homework.

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In high school, homework is required to help motivate students to study. Knowing they have to submit assignments In algebra or history gives students an incentive to keep up with these subjects. In college most homework consists of studying very little of It Is written and turned in. If students do their homework, it is to their advantage if they do not, the teachers will not force them to do it. The student is only wasting his own money if he neglects his course work. The third and last difference between high school and college is their attendance policies.

In high school, students must attend class to get assignments and personal help In a certain area. Furthermore, high school students are less responsible therefore, they need more guidance, which they can receive by going to class. In college, students may skip classes if they choose and refer to the syllabus to acquire missed assignments or tests. It is the student’s responsibility to make work up. In spite of these differences between high school and college, they both serve the same purpose to prepare an individual for the real world.

Development by Details Work tends to be associated Witt non-work-specific environments, activities, and schedules. If asked what space is reserved for learning, many students would suggest the classroom, the lab or the library. What about the kitchen? The bedroom? In fact, any room in which a student habitually studies becomes a learning space, or a place associated with thinking. Some people need to engage in sports or other physical activity before they can work successfully. Being sedentary seems to inspire others.

Although most classes are scheduled between 8:30 and 22:00, some students do their best work before the sun rises, some after it sets. Some need a less flexible schedule than others, while a very few can sit and not rise until their task is employed. Some students work quickly and efficiently, while others cannot produce anything without much dust and heat. Development by Illustration Many superstitions are so widespread and so old that they must have risen from a depth of human mind that is indifferent to race or creed. Orthodox Jews place a charm on their doorposts; so do (or did) the Chinese.

Some peoples of Middle Europe believe that when a man sneezes, his soul, for that moment, is absent from his body, and they hasten to bless him, lest he should be seized by the Devil. How did the Melanesian come by the same idea? Superstition seems to have a link with some body or belief that far antedates the religions we know�religions which have no place for such comforting little ceremonies and charities. Development by ANALOGY For me, I am more like ants than grasshoppers. Ants are eager to search for food. They are industrious in order to find food for their own survival.

Just like me, I am also eager to finish my study. I am trying to be industrious in order to finish my paper works, assignments, projects and others Just in time before the dead line. Ants are always prepared for the coming of typhoon. As long as the sun is shining, they don’t stop searching and collecting food. Same goes for me as I prepare myself to the possible problems that I may encounter. I am collecting courage and hope, by praying so that if the problem comes, I may have some ideas so solve it. Ants are organized in a way that they arrange themselves in a line to avoid chaos.

I also arrange my things orderly to prevent the loss of my things. I also plan what I have to do the next day. This way, I could keep track of my activities and I could allot more time in reviewing if there is a quiz or examination ahead. Ants also show brotherhood and unity for they help each other for their survival. Just like me, I am trying to develop my social skills in order to make many friends. I am trying to help others if they have a problem. Grasshoppers, from the famous fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper”, are directly opposite to ants.

They are mean and lazy. Maybe because their food is abundant so they don’t have to search for food. I know myself not to be lazy. I know I always strive harder and try my best to accomplish something. I know I am more like ants than grasshoppers. Development by Repetition It must, indeed, create astonishment that … The character of Washington should never once have been called in question – that he should in no one instance have been accused either of improper insolence, or of mean submission, in his transactions Witt tottering nations I . NAS been reserved tort him to run the race to glory without experiencing the smallest interruption to the brilliancy of his career. The breath of censure had not dared to impeach the purity of his conduct, nor the eye of new to raise its malignant glance to the elevation of his virtues. Such has been he transcendent merit and the unparalleled fate of this illustrious man! Development by Question and Answer What’s so bad about Junk food? A great deal. For example, it usually contains artificial colors, flavors, and preservativesвЂ?additives that pose serious health hazards and, over the long run, may cause cancer.

In addition, much Junk food is packed with sugar, fats, or cholesterol. It adds inches to our waistlines, clogs our arteries, and disturbs our metabolism. Most important, Junk food contains few nutrients. Eating cotton candy, potato chips, and chocolate bars may satisfy our hunger, but for that ere reason it keeps us from eating the foods we need to stay healthy. (Nicholas Canning, “The Junk-Food Junkie”) Development by Elimination Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up.

It does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil. It does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoice in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Development by Enumeration So Leno State Park has many aspects to offer willing travelers: Natural night time noises, A variety of fellow travelers, Safe, affordable family fun, Dog and cat -friendly facilities, Amazing, rugged, natural vistas, A colorful, interesting history, Diverse flora and fauna, and Even a pleasant drive to get there.

Development by Combined Methods The viola is a stringed instrument in the violin family. It is only slightly larger than the violin and is tuned at a lower pitch. Like its smaller relative, the viola is held on the shoulder under the chin and is played with a bow. While the violin has many uses, the viola is used mainly in orchestral and chamber music.

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