Paragraph of Death Penalty Group Summary Assignment

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CRM 306 ‘Corrections in Canada’ Instructor: Dry. Smite IVR Taiga, Ph. D. , C. Psych Assignment # 3 (worth 14% of the grade) Interview and Presentation The death penalty should not exist and is better off left abolished as it has been since 1976 (Correctional Service Canada, 2012). Our group came to the consensus of 4-0 that the death penalty is a system that should not exist ever. Who are we to take away a life? Besides, it is better for criminals to rot in a prison than to simply end their misery with an injection.

The main reason for our group’s decision on disallowing the death penalty to exist is because of the wrongful convictions that can occur. Since 1973 in the U. S. , 140 people have been released from death row with evidence of their innocence. These are ALL people who had been found guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt. ” A life sentence is reversible. An execution is not. ” (Love, 2012). Imagine the heartache and suffering of the families and friends of a person that was wrongfully executed.

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There is no way to repay the family and rinds of a person who was wrongfully convicted and ultimately executed. References 50 Years of Human Rights Developments in Federal Corrections. (n. D. ). Correctional Service Canada. Retrieved April 9, 2014, from http://www. SC-sac. Go. Ca/text/public/rot- dirt/08-Eng. SHTML Love, D. (2012, May 21). How America’s death penalty murders innocents. Disheartening. Com. Retrieved April 9, 2014, from http:// www. Disheartening. Com/commissioners/cafeteria/2012/may/21 limerick-death- penalty-murders-innocents

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