Computers and Engineering Summary Assignment

Computers and Engineering Summary Assignment Words: 277

Being able to produce Lear, well-organized short summaries of articles will help you when you write review papers, research proposals, and your own research articles. Deliverable A report in the following format:- Title page with the title of assignment, subtitle of the article found and your name, student id and group. One page of summary report with the following format:- 1. 5 line spacing Font : Times New Roman Font size : pets A short statement of why you chose the article. A paragraph of discussion of something you learned from the article and how you ill benefit from the information.

A copy of the selected article Reference page- The source of the article: Use Harvard referencing style. Writing summary – Tips 1. Read the article. Identify key points: Circling these points will help you find them when you write. Do your best to understand the article. Write notes in the margin and use a highlighter to mark Important sections. Talk about the article with others and see If you can explain It to somebody who has not read the paper. 2. Write the summary. The summary should be a condensed version of the article.

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Avoid “lifting” sentences or paraphrasing from the article. Use your own words. Your summary may be one long paragraph or you may divide it into several paragraphs. 3. Revise the summary. It is good to have someone else (who has not read the article) read your rough draft. Then have your reader describe the article In his or her own words. What readers say Late Submission Late submission will NOT be accepted. Notes Writing must be your own.

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