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Montaigne Assignment Words: 300

The Western Tradition Instructor: Brethren spring 2013 Paper 1: Ancient Philosophy, Montage, and Pascal Topic: 1 . Imagine an exchange of letters between Montage and yourself, Pascal and yourself, or Pascal and Montage. Try to give the exchange some kind of topic or theme (though it can be loose). Be sure to use quotes from the class reading to support and illustrate point made in this exchange. 2.

Write an essay “by’ Montage?or an essay in the style of Montage?on a intemperate topic (I. E. , a topic that is obviously pertinent to modern society). Work in some quotes from Montage’s actual writings. Use this an opportunity to think about: what is distinctive about Montage’s style? What is distinctive about Montage’s philosophy? To what extent is he a product of his time? 3. Which school or figure of ancient philosophy is Montage?or, alternatively, Pascal ?closest to?

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Your essay should have a clear thesis and identify several reasons in purport of your position, drawing from both Montage/Pascal and the relevant school of ancient thought. Format and Style Your paper should be approximately 5 typed, double-spaced pages, written in full sentences. Relevant papers should have a thesis statement appearing in the introduction. Read sections c and ad in Removal’s Pocket Guide to Writing History and use it in writing your paper (l can make copies available if you do not own the book). Ђ Give your paper a title. Ђ Include a “Works Cited. ” Use standard footnoting format when quoting texts (see Randomly) Rely only on assigned texts and lecture notes; additional sources are not needed. Due The paper is due by 5 PM on Friday, September 20. Please read carefully the “Policy on Late Assignments” and the “Statement on Academic Integrity’ included in the course syllabus before writing your assignment.

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