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To begin the assignment, I will first explain information about my previous schooling before attending Northern College. Firstly, my high school education was completed at Therapist here in Timing about three years ago, and then I began my post secondary studies out of town. I followed suit of my older sister for pursuing a University education at the University of Ottawa, in which I completed two years of schooling with a major in criminology.

However, the Job opportunities outside of that program would of mostly led me to law enforcement, which coincidentally, turned out to be something that I had no longer interest in doing and evidently led me to Northern College. On a lighter note, my hobbies include athletics like hockey, soccer, basketball, and also an interest in coaching youth hockey within the community. As for the reasons behind choosing Northern College’s electrical program, there re mainly two.

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Firstly, I prefer a good mix of practicality along with theory, which is what seems to be offered in regards to my three year program. Secondly, Northern College’s partnership with Hydro One had really interested me in terms of the possibility of working for such a company after completing the program. This program seems to be a really good fit for me considering I have qualities that represent what most employers would seek in Job opportunities that require post secondary education.

With those qualities being my ease in practical work, and my ability to understand or apply theory in the workplace and not only the drawing board. Now, as I had previously explained, Northern College’s partnership with Hydro One was of importance when I chose this school, however it was the location of it’s campus that really made the school an excellent choice considering I live in the area.

Additionally, my plans in regards to 2nd and 3rd year of the program remain the name as this year’s, I hope to succeed in the program and hopefully get the opportunity to land a great Job opportunity once finished it. Lastly, I would assess my writing and presentation skills to be of a high caliber for a college student, however I’m always open to improvement if those skills present themselves to not be satisfying. To conclude this assignment, I hope in learning how to better coordinate, cooperate, and solve problems with others or at the very least develop better writing skills.

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