Summer Bridge Program Assignment

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The Positive Impacts from the Summer Bridge Program The Summer Bridge Program is designed to help students transition from high school to college. It provides learning opportunities in order for the new graduates to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for college success. This program has made three positive impacts on me thus far. The program focuses on my development academically, and socially. The first impact is in my math. I am not a lover of math, and have struggled in Advanced Algebra in my twelfth read.

Now I am practicing and learning effective problem strategies to help my confidence in math. Another positive comes from my writing class. In previous classes up to grade eleven, I would get away with a grammar here and there. In this class my communication skills have improved to include proper grammar, and able to do better research paper assignments. My professor makes sure that our writing skills are at college level, so that I will be prepared for my other classes. This preparation is carried over into my reading classes also, where I am improving on my critical eating, comprehension, and thinking skills.

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Housing is another impact. This is accompanied by extensive rules and regulations about visitors, off-campus trips, and curfews. I am an only child of my parent’s and have not shared a room in eighteen years. Living on campus and sharing a room with another is helping me to interact on a more social level with the diversity of students that are enrolled. This will definitely give me a head start for my freshman year, when more people will be here on campus. I have driven by this home college many times, but did not realize the beauty and purpose of the University of the Virgin Islands.

Being on campus, have provided me with the knowledge of the campus, and have helped me to feel at home. In conclusion, this diversity of Summer Bridge students, I believe will be beneficial not only to me, but it will also provide a campus of intellectual diversity and excellence for the college itself. This five week program will be a tremendous investment for me. It is a more positive challenge than any regular summer month. The friendships already made, and privilege of getting to know some of the professors is truly a plus. Summer Bridge Program By leveraged

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