Mobile Phone and Hi-tech Gadgets Students Assignment

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In the year where electronic gadgets are not yet invented like computers, students are not yet engage in activities using technologies. Students rely on books and visit library facilities to study, read their notes and review their school lessons. During those years, despite the lack of computers and hi-tech gadgets students still achieve high and good grades and the students are still focused on their studies.

They strive hard just to attain higher and better reads in their education The origins of the word “gadget” trace back to the 19th century. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, there is anecdotal evidence for the use of “gadget” as a placeholder name for a technical item whose precise name one can’t remember since the asses; with Robert Brown’s 1 886 book Spartan and Spindrift, A sailor boys log of a voyage out and home in a China tea-clipper containing the earliest known usage in print. These can be given as gifts to boys as well as girls.

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You can gift a play station r any game to a school going boy on his birthday or any occasion. A college going boy can be gifted a laptop or a handy cam, whichever is important and useful to him. Videos are not only created for college projects but, today they can also be created during family or friends. Get-together or some family functions. They store family memories for years which can be watched whenever you feel like watching them. Gadgets like cellular phones are used on a daily basis to communicate with your near and dear ones.

You can also gift it to them. In the software industry, “Gadget” refers to computer programs that provide services without needing an independent application to be launched for each one, but instead run in an environment that manages multiple gadgets. There are several implementations based on existing software development techniques, like JavaScript, form input, and various image formats As a result children are able to grasp simple ideas, but when they have to remember anything complicated, there is a problem.

Kids need a lot of time to complete their home assignments, because they are not able to incinerate on a specific subject. Children spend a lot of time doing their classes and parents start thinking that curriculum is too complicated. They see a lot of ‘unnecessary’ subjects in it, which take their children’s time. But let’s see how kids are spending the time they have for homework. In the majority of cases kids are just sitting and doing nothing. The majority of kids need parent’s assistance because they cannot concentrate on anything themselves.

History and other supplementary subjects have become of no value lately. That is because people have found substitution to it. Modern people do not read books and do not go to the theatres. Everything in our life is substituted with Internet and TV. Cozy conversations at the fireplace are substituted with spontaneous and confused chat over the mobile telephones. Every day millions of people go to work to do some routine operations which repeat every day, from year to year. When they come home, they turn their computers on again and merge into their little universe, where they can be whatever they want.

People grow lonely and isolated. In such a way people become similar to the machines without any spiritual life. It is extremely important to save the spiritual part of human life, to learn human culture and history. It was said that one, who doesn’t know his history is not worth any future. Modern life has made people unable to live in full, to feel. Every day people go to work and there they do the same things every day. This makes them similar to the machines that make the same operation the whole life.

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