An Successful Or Unsuccessful Student Assignment

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In becoming a successful student it takes hard work and a lot of time studying your work. A successful student not only works hard, but is committed,dictate, and a team player. A successful student is committed to doing what ever it takes to get or keep an A average in his or her classes. Being a successful student is not as easy as some people think; you might pass a class being an unsuccessful student sometimes. A unsuccessful student will play around for the first two to three seeks, but a successful student will do his or her all from the beginning.

An successful student is very dictate to his or her work. You can always depend on a successful student, because his or her work is well thought out and even plan before he or she get started. If giving a group a assignment a successful student would step up to be the group leader and he or she would make sure everyone in his or her group understand what they have to do by the given time. A successful student is also a team player.

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He or she might see a confuse or not so sure classmate and he or she would go out their way to help that person in need. A successful student might even as if he or she needed extra help,he or she would be glad to help. In conclusion be a successful student, because an unsuccessful student in most likely to working fast food for the rest of his or her life. A successful student may have four to fifth jobs to chose from and he or she will live a wealthy life for their children.

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