How to become a successful student Assignment

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Most student the goal is graduation; with that comes a plan or a road map of how to get to that graduation. If our stated goal is to become a Nurse, we must choose a part that leads to that degree, commit to it and follow it to the en. Many students fail in their educational pursuit as a result of not having a clear view of what their educational goals are, and they change from one course to the other or simply by not following that part that leads to their goal.

Secondly,To Become a successful student is study habits. A student must commit to study at least three to four hours a daily. In addition to that, assignments must be complete and submitted in a timely manner. Every available resources must be utilized, including the math and English labs. A student must make and keep appointments with instructor or professors an always willing and ready to take corrections when necessary. Thirdly, To Become a successful student is joining a study group.

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Study groups encourages the exchange of ideas; it identifies mistakes and corrects them, it sakes for easy study of materials because study materials are distributed among the groups and then discussed at a set time. This encourages interdependence which ultimately leads to SUccess . Studies show that students who are interdependent are more likely to succeed than students who are independent as proven by the utilization of study groups. Conclusively, we all know that being a successful students not an easy task, but when students apply themselves the basic principles of clear vision, study habits and Joining a study group.

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