Being a Successful Student Assignment

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“The process of being a successful hybrid student. ” In order to explain the process of a successful hybrid student, the student must first define success. In defining success the student needs to determine what their goals are for the hybrid class. Success carries a different meaning depending on who it concerns. One students success could be receiving an “A” in the course, while another student’s meaning of success could be receiving Just enough to pass the course. After defining what success means to the student, the student should then establish a good time management plan.

This is where the student takes time to analyze their schedule to prioritize other responsibilities as well as establish an effective balance between them all. Time management is extremely important in being a successful hybrid student, since most of the work and assignment is done outside of the traditional classroom environment. Once the student has defined what success means to them, determined their goals for the class, and established a good time management plan, the student then needs to have the discipline to follow through. Discipline Is the key to the overall outcome of he student’s success.

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Without discipline, a student can have many goals and plans of achieving those goals, but may loose focus along the way. The success of a hybrid student all defendants on the Individual student. What “success” means to the student Is the primary factor in the process. A good balance In time management will help the hybrid student to complete assignments on time. The last and most important step In being a successful hybrid student Is discipline. Discipline will keep you focus on your goals and plans for success, not only In the hybrid class but also In life.

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