Personal Ethics Development Assignment

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The ethics also varies with the specific situations and places in which they are applied. In my ethical development, there are rules and standards that I use as a guide when taking actions in different circumstances.

Personal ethics gives me a set of principles to follow in order to get better life. They lay the foundation of my interactions with society at large. Say to myself, “l Can and I Will,” if you believe in something then do it, whether it works out or not. The word impossible does not exist in my vocabulary these days. The previous statement is what guides me. First had to except and understand who I am, my beliefs, and what kind of people surround me. My character, which defines the morals that are governed by the ethical principles was founded on my previous experiences with people and institutions.

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Traits such as respect, fairness, trustworthiness and the rest define the character of a errors Josephs Institute, 2009). There are a variety of ethical systems. They range from the duty based where the form of morals are governed by an outside authority and the right based in which the morals are defined by the fact that some things are acceptable because many people agree that they are right. One must first consider whether the heads, which govern a situation, will accept or reject any actions, thus determining the right action to take.

This in part was they way my mother raised me, knowing what was acceptable and what was not. Only to solidify this concept of right from rang, most school teachers I encountered taught me how to differentiate in that manner (acceptable and not acceptable). The important ethical values I learned along the way helped to develop my own way of judging for my self, life’s actions. I very much the opposite of what I am today in my childhood, I lacked concentration and did not really pay much attention in school. This to me was a starting point in developing myself ethically.

Staying focused was the key. As progressed in life and grew up per say, I was understanding why there are some things that society did not accept, was relating with other people. So believed that my morals should somewhat be relative to what was acceptable in society. These included how to treat my friends and how to live in harmony with others (Terrier & Nelson, 2011). The ethical standards that I have gained from teachers and parents allowed me to develop my own independent decision making. I know understood why laws are set in place and why countries or states are govern in such a way.

I was adding to my understanding of ethics from just my perspective to a wider realization that people must live by these standards or suffer said consequences. I paved my life around societies rules, to me which is more out of respect to fellow citizens, so that I may not create any conflict. The more people live with positive ethics, the better the world can be. Laws define right and wrong, however, personal characteristics such as virtues cannot be defined. Consequently, this allowed me to establish my own virtues based on what society accepted.

Decisions that could affect my life were to be personal including commitment to my studies. I believe the ethics that will harness in my life will have a positive effect on my life. It took me a really long time to understand the importance of establishing my own ethics. The moment made the decision to go back to school and achieve a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science, was the point where I began to understand my ethics, my values as an individual. Sometimes it would at a lot for me to just follow rules. I am not one to cause conflict, as a matter a fact I avoid conflict.

What I am trying to say is that since making this life changing decision of returning to school, I have become more of a professional. As progress in my studies, my reference and attitude improves as well. Ethics is all around us, you just have to have the mind to notice it is their. This I believe will improve my standard of living around other people. As am getting a better understanding of how ethics is important in the workplace, am eve much looking forward to getting into my field to gain the experience and respect of my future peers. It is simple, you follow the rules and all will be just fine (in most cases).

By instilling this ethical system of doing right will allow me a shot at a better socially integration with society. In any company or organization, ethics depends upon the environment in which it exists. These ethics are more like rules or regulations set forth that all employees must abide by while achieving the said organizations goals. I like to see this as a King and his kingdom, the King sets the rules and the citizens must follow. Most organizations have people that work in teams, and in doing so they all must work diligently together without incident to achieve said target.

If one thinks about how most humans work today, and how far we have gotten, just think bout how early humans developed their own ethical system in order to get along (strongest together). Part of advancement and understanding allows one to learn how to make proper choices in various situations. We do actions today unknowingly following a set of rules and regulations (Ethics), giving us direction to achieve any goal possible. That being said, ethics plays a key role in society today. In any work environment, ethical standards set a path in pursuit of said company’s goals to be attained.

Individuals in companies learn the ethics and formulate it to work for them to achieve success. In the society, ethics creates the moral standards necessary for peaceful co-existence (Lander & Rowland, 2001). Ethics defines the standards and principles of conduct that directs an individual or organization’s behavior. It generally deals with the issues relating to morals. My development ethically was largely influenced by my teachers and parents (people I’ve encountered growing up). The ethics will be beneficial in my studies and professional career.. Individuals and organization can pursue their goals more effectively through ethics.

The regression of any organization can owe their success or potential for it to the ethical code of conduct followed or to be followed by their employees.

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