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Anastasia Swift Ethics is defined as the principles, norms, and standards of conduct governing an individual or group, Terrine and Nelson (2011). Ethics are very vital in my education, my daily social interaction, and in my day to day life. Rather you believe it or not, our ethical conduct is influenced and to a large degree controlled by OUr environment, Terrine and Nelson (2011 Common traits used to describe a person’s character are compassion, honesty, integrity, and loyalty.

Personal behavior and demeanor is an image of a person’s characteristics. When applying ethics In circumstances, always think of the possible outcome. Morals and values develop and are learned by the internal actions and from others who one is surrounded by. While growing up with those who surround you, knowing right from wrong are developed from the actions of others and the environment. Teachers, school mates, friends, and family can all have a positive influence on ethical options of right and wrong. When I was younger, knowing right from wrong was a tremendous heartache.

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Growing up, I had no family with a belief system. My family is considered broken, meaning no values, morals, beliefs, honesty, loyalty, and integrity. It was hard while I was younger with my surroundings of all doing the wrong decision versus the right one. I was not taught to do what is considered the ‘right thing’. I had no mother as a child because she chose to be with the violence and drugs. My dad was never home to teach me or guide me. Schooling was the only place I could gain any ethical options.

Learning from my peers and teachers, I gained personal ethics such as; honesty, respect for yeses and others, loyalty, responsibility, and learning to do what is right with positive behavior. Having these ethics made me become a better person, not only for myself, but also for those around me. When was a teenager that is when I became more aware of my surroundings and understood my primary principles. I make ethical decisions almost daily in my personal and professional lives. Some of these decisions are easily made while others does take some time with me reflecting and trying to see the impact it will have on those around me.

My ethical beliefs are constantly being established through earning. Did not have many influences in my life that influenced my ethics, but those who were there to teach and let me understand have a major impact on me. I appreciate those who helped me learn morals, values and concepts. I have learned that honesty is a key factor in my life. I feel as though without honesty, there is no truth in anyone. Loyalty to me is important. Loyal those who support me and who also have loyalty towards me. Respect is a major issue I have in my life. I give the most respect to everyone and anyone, no matter what culture they may be from.

I eventually earned to never judge others and to always have respect. Also learned that each individual has their own opinion that they are entitled and to appreciate those individuals because everyone is uniquely different. While I am in adult hood, have learned that there are individuals who are very conscientious about their ethical beliefs. There are also those who are considered a ‘bad apple’ and behave unethically. Some individuals are more religious than others and take their values and morals on a higher scale. Am not a religious person and never will be only because grew up in a difficult life.

I never felt the need to be religious, have beliefs, have morals, values, and to be honest until I was old enough and learned through my peers and teachers. According to Cleaner (2015), Ethics are the principles and values an individual uses to govern his activities and decisions. In an organization, a code of ethics is a set of principles that guide the organization in its programs, policies and decisions for the business. The ethical philosophy an organization uses to conduct business can affect the reputation, productivity and bottom line of the business.

Ethics must be viewed as one of the essential guidelines for everyone to follow. Cleaner (2015) also stated that a positive and healthy corporate culture improves the morale among workers in the organization, which may increase productivity and employee retention; this, in turn, has financial benefits for the organization. Higher levels of productivity improve the efficiency in the company, while increasing employee retention reduces the cost of replacing employees. My personal ethics are who am regardless of anything else. When making a decision, I base it off of what I already know and previous experiences.

Making rash sections end up being the wrong decision. In my educational setting, there are times when I have a different belief than another student, but set it aside because we all have different values, morals, and beliefs. Judging someone will not let you get any accomplishment. It only shows that one may never value the other.

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