Relational Database System Sql Analysis Paper Assignment

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In this section I learned that SQL can Input a lot of Information Into Access for you. I have taken some SQL courses before and still have not learned all of these commands. I can see why people take full degrees on just programming. Another thing I saw was SQL could do a lot of damage to Access. All you would have to do is write a script that could change a lot of information. During this assignment I learned “SQL (pronounced “sees-queue-el”) stands for Structured Query Language.

SQL is used to communicate with a database. (Interactive Online SQL Training)” In the lessons I learned different things: In lesson 2 1 learned that a relational database system contains one or more objects that are called tables. The data or information for the databases is stored In the tables (Interactive Online SQL Training). * In lesson 3 1 learned how the select statement is used to query the databases. I also learned how to retrieve selected data that match the criteria that I specified (Interactive Online SQL Training). In lesson 4 1 learned how to create a table statement. This statement Is used to create new tables (Interactive Online SQL Training). * In lesson 5 1 learned how to use the insert statement to insert or add a row of data into the able (Interactive Online SQL Training). This lesson was extremely hard because of information already being in the table. I made a couple of different tables all with other peoples information already in them. I finally had to make a new table from scratch to get this lesson to work (Interactive Online SQL Training). In lesson 6 1 learned that the update statement is used to update or change records that match specified criteria in the table (Interactive Online SQL Training). * In lesson 71 learned that the delete statement is used to delete records or rows from the table (Interactive Online SQL Training). In lesson 8 1 learned I learned how to delete the data and all rows In a table by using the drop table command (Interactive Online SQL Training). By doing the SQL tutorials I learn another method on how to Input data Into the Access databases.

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If I know more about SQL I would easily write a script that could input or update all the data I need into the database for me in a matter of minutes. This could save me time when inputting data or updating the data but the first time making the script could take a while to make. This would cause a delay if the first time the information is needed to be done quickly. Also if there is an issue tit script you could have incorrectly entered information or just not have the script run.

In the real world I see SQL being used a lot in my work place. The programmers use it all the time on the programs we build of the customer. Our IA department uses it to scan computer for being compliant to DoD polices. Another place I see this used is with hackers. Hackers use this technique to Input or change information in databases. I see that If you have basis knowledge of these commands you could do well.

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