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The purpose of this assignment Is to : Give evidence of your research skills o use as many resources as you need o Attribute sources o Do not “copy and paste”! O Read and re-write in your own words Allow critical analysis of your current report/essay writing skills ; Identify areas where Improvement may be advisable Give you a better grasp of databases as a an area of study ;Allow you to research / work collaboratively but still submit a unique piece of work Topics to be included Introduction

Give brief Intro giving the purpose of the report Data v Information Mankind has always had a need to store information. Why? Where? How? ; Cave painting through Egyptian hieroglyphics to illuminated manuscripts of the Middles Ages In Latin to modern newspapers and magazine and in the 25 years online news websites and electronic repository (databases) Reasons why organizations and individuals want information Governments Commercial Military Electronic Storage 1940/50 beginnings Development in storage media Comparative development with computer development

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Flat file What, when, difficulties Relational databases Dry Cod et al How does It work? Keys Primary, foreign, compound etc Object Oriented Database Design Still relational but.. Why need of? What stored Future developments??? Conclusion Keep it brief Please feel free to add any additional topics you want to include; use the above as a guide! 1. Within an IT support help desk environment, describe the role of ITIL standards in the provision of quality IT service management. 2. The areas in which professional institutions operate extend beyond simply presenting their members.

Discuss briefly two examples of this. 3. Depending upon your Job role within an organization, certain professional institutions may be more suitable to support you. Identify two roles and discuss which Professional Institution would be most appropriate. 4. Explain the range of ITIL standards available to practitioners. 5. Describe a typical hierarchy within a computing/let department of an organization and the types of professional development offered by professional institutions to support progression of the individual.

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