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[pic] Assignment On: Mobile Phone Addiction And Young Generation Of Bangladesh Course Title: ELP-301 Submitted By: Md. Ridwanul Islam Student ID: 08304003 Department: BRAC BUSINESS SCHOOL Submitted To: Ms. Sadia Nasrin Course Instructor Topic: Mobile phone addiction and young generation of Bangladesh There is no doubting the benefits of the mobile phone. Ease of communication, the anywhere, anytime contact – with friends, relations, colleagues and in theory at least the efficiency brought to busy lives.

The benefits have been sold to every one worldwide by the mobile phone industry, and in the main all have made the judgment that, yes, the mobile phone is an exceptionally useful tool that advances personal communication beyond all expectations of only a few years ago. Even though mobile phone has made the communication system very easy but it also has some demerits too. It has become a vital element for every person but it has become an addiction to the young generation of Bangladesh. 7 out of 10 young people in the town area of Bangladesh have own mobile phone.

They use it in various purpose. Their attraction on mobile phone is increasing day by day. In 1995 mobile phone has introduced to the Bangladeshi people. At that time mobile phone was very expensive and could not use widely. The phone was not portable that time because of it was large in size. The first mobile phone service provider company was Citycell. The cost of mobile phone connection was approximately Tk. 1. 5 lacks. It was that much popular to the common people. Then Grameen Phone, Aktel, Banglalink, Teletalk, Warid started their business.

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Among all the mobile phone service provider Grameen Phone could stand on a strong position. There are many reasons those have made the mobile phone popular to the young generation. The reasons are – The mobile phone industry and their marketing techniques Mobile phones have become popular and convenient making their demand high. Access is universal and affordable, and there is little regulation in terms of purchase or usage. In order to capture the youth market the pay as you go strategy is in place allowing anyone of any age to obtain a mobile phone (often free) and to link to a pay as you go airtime package.

The attraction is a socially iconic ‘toy’ with virtually unlimited access. Some value added service such as sms, internet, special packages and call rates during mid night are attracting the young generation. It feeds the personal requirements for a teenagers that provide a sense of worth ensuring popularity with friends with whom communications can be continuous. The phone also feeds the desire for attention, acceptability and satisfies a teenager’s emotional drive. Moreover the young people also get other facilities from mobile phone such as FM radio, MP3 music, camera etc.

Some young people can get highly hung-up on the extremes of continuous contact – the mobile phone offers either no contact or too much contact – possibly even unwanted contact. Stress can be caused by both sender’s and recipient’s frustrations. Young people expect a mobile phone to be immediate – fool proof and available at all times There are some specific bad effect of mobile phone on young generation. That can be hampered their daily life. Some points are given below- • There is huge peer pressure to have a mobile phone with the latest technology and design • The ease by which mobiles are available increases he demand – ‘pay as you go’ accessibility • Parents accept this because they convince themselves of the safety benefits • The stress of maintaining communications for some is hard • The stress of wanting an equal flow of contact can be self destroying if it does not materialize • Owning a mobile phone, for some, provides a status among friends and a degree of self worth • On occasions there may be unwanted communications and even stalking which adds a further pressure on the individual. Serious effect on brain, head and especially for cardiac patient. The need to feel self worth is true to growing up but cannot be gained through the ownership of a mobile phone. All young adults want to have friends, want to communicate with them more so than their immediate family, feel a sense of worth through the friends they have etc.. but all young adults need to find their way through these feelings because of who they are, not what they own or how they conduct themselves. Addicted on mobile phone has also bad effect on family.

The teenage years are difficult for any family – but the best way of getting through them is communication, to accept, to laugh, to discipline where necessary and with the knowledge that you will get through it. As parents it is important to manage the situation as it occurs. Listening and understanding both points of view is the best way forward. Poor family faces lot of problem for that. The main problem is that they faces financial problem for maintaining mobile phone. Typically teenagers tend to be insular amongst their own age group believing that they have their life sorted!

This is normal but what we are talking about and what parents have asked us for help on is when an obsession like the mobile phone stops your child from being interested in anything else. When their studies, sports and other interests and activities are affected, when they are loosing sleep because they feel the need to maintain contact through the night, when they lie about how they are paying for the privilege of the use of the mobile phone. Of course there were obsessions before the mobile phone but the fulfillment and confidence gained through the ease of contact has moved the situation onto a new level.

Parents should be aware of obsess ional characteristics in their child which may not be just restricted to mobile phone usage. The scientists say, keeping in continuous contact with people is addictive and that is what mobile phones encourage and more so the ‘perceived’ cheapness of text messaging. Clever marketing through the ‘pay as you go’ opportunity has opened mobile phones to the young, no contracts no guarantees and because of this, it is one of the most expensive ways to pay.

One observer commented that the cigarettes found in the hands of many of today’s teenagers are being replaced by an equally worrying habit – albeit healthier – the mobile phone. It is not surprising therefore that the mobile phone industry has adopted very similar marketing tactics to the tobacco industry. It is the latest ‘cool thing’ If parents are thinking of buying their child a mobile phone try to set the rules from the starting. The following rules are given below – When they can use it How it will be funded and what will be the frequency of ‘top ups’ – Where it should be kept for both usage and safety reasons – Who to give your phone number to – Only to reply to people you know – The purpose of ownership – the privilege of ownership and the reasons why not to abuse it – What will happen if they do abuse it – if do not abide by the rules – Make the ownership of the mobile phone fun and maintain parental ‘chat’ about it – who called, getting to understand the ways of using it etc. Beside it’s demerits it has a lot of advantages that has brought a revolution for young generation.

By the help of mobile phone they can easily communicate with each other. When they are mentally upset they can easily share with family or friends over mobile phone or express their selves by giving short message or greetings. They can browse internet and many things by mobile phone. A student who live away from his or her family he or she is benefit by mobile phone. Moreover it gives breaking news, sports news and entertainment likes game etc. In fact, addiction to mobile phones should be included into a greater group – that of addiction to new technologies. This is the result of the dramatic change in values taking place in our times. Likewise the hippy movement, a new generation of teenagers is arising and they have grown up surrounded by mobile phones and the Internet”, says the author of this related work, who highlights that part of the blame is to be put on “many parents who buy a mobile phone to their children and force them to have it constantly connected so as to always know where they are”. So the young generation have to utilize this gift of modern science by avoiding it’s harmful side.

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