My future goals as a University Student Assignment

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A student has goals in his or her own right. Before going any further, let us look at the meaning of the word goal; the meaning of the word Goal in Webster Dictionary is “the end toward which effort is directed. ” Ultimately, goals cannot be achieved unless some effort is exerted. Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary 26 Feb.. 2004 Goals are easily attainable if you put forth the effort. That is the hardest part, effort. For me, one of my personal goals is to get through this course with flying colors, that may be unattainable, but I am an overachiever, and I am not happy with plain old satisfactory.

I want to learn, I am eager, I want a better life, a better paying job, a bigger house, a nicer car, but let us not forget that these are the end-results of effort. The first goal that I need to work on is patience to be able to read every part of a course’s syllabus. In that fashion, I know exactly what to expect. In that respect, do the assignments correctly and on time. I am an inpatient person, want things now, and do not want to wait. Patience is a virtue. Will learn it. The next goal want to achieve is getting through this first course.

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I am trying earnestly to Stay ahead Of the game. It is week one, and I am working on a eek two assignment at 1 1 100 in the evening on my first day. Passing this class with an A+ is a requirement for me. Am a perfectionist. I will feel dreadful if that goal is not attainable. I read my week one assignments and wish I had more energy to do week јvow right now. I know I should get to sleep, but somehow am enjoying the intrigue of this class and this whole “new world I’ of learning.

A further critical goal I want to achieve is the expectation that returning to school will allow me to connect critical thinking in my future work endeavors as well as help me develop the skills to balance a job, school, and family life. I have done critical thinking in the past, but my skills have become rusty from being away from the learning and working world for such an extensive time. Learning to work as a team is another goal I have set up for myself. Have been a team of one for so many years that this will be hard for me.

Teamwork is important; learning to value the opinions of others and not to get upset over criticisms that others may have is another goal at which to look at and achieve. People work differently than I do; I have to learn patience in that respect. Have to learn to understand that where I am a doer and not laid sack at all, someone else may not be that way. I have to learn to accept that. Again, patience falls back into that original goal category. Another goal have set for myself is completing my assignments in a timely manner.

I do not see any problem with completing the assignments in a timely manner in the interim, but the thought of failure petrifies me. I have been in classes where I have fallen behind, and believe me, it is not a pleasant feeling. One time, fell behind in a psychology class with two papers that I had to write in one week. Felt utter panic, sick to my stomach as the thought f researching double the work was before me. I was up two consecutive nights in a row getting thoughts organized, outlines prepared, and researching endless hours to get both papers written. Succeeded, but only by a minuscule proportion. I never want to experience that again. One of the biggest and most important goals I want to achieve is graduating and getting the much-desired baccalaureate degree. Having a degree is essential to having a career. Companies hire and promote graduates faster than individuals who have not finished their education. Graduates earn more income than non-graduates do. The final goal that I have set for myself once I have graduated is to take and pass the CPA exam and to eventually have my own CPA firm or at least to work in one of our family owned CPA firms.

My husband and I both have cousins that own their own successful businesses. I have concluded that this is what really want to do in my life. I have done a lot of researching, soul- searching, market, and profession watching to have come to this awakening. I will achieve my goal through the fruits of my labor.

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