Do You Remember Your First Day in the University? Assignment

Do You Remember Your First Day in the University? Assignment Words: 512

Do you remember your first day in the university? Well, I remember my first day I was waiting all the summer to start at the university and my new life. I felt happy because I was going to start studying what I want but at the same time I was very nervous because it was my first day in the university and I didn’t know any person so welcome to my life as a college student that change my life forever and also the best experience in my life.

In the first day I was lost and I had to ask one person about the building where I was going to take classes. This person was very nice and told me the right direction. I walked to the building, and when I arrived I saw some people and I felt strange. I approached to one boy and we start talking in the classroom. We became close friends with another guy that also was taking classes with us. Two weeks later I just want to finish the trimester. This was the time that I look myself and told me welcome to the life as a college student.

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If I want to be a professional I have to work hard to get my goals of life. The university was a big change of my life because I was not a little kid that mom make my homework’s I have to work by myself and give more time to studying. In high school you just learn the review and you will be a great student. In university they are not reviews, you have to make your own reviews and make attention in class because if you don’t make attention in class you will be lost when you have to do the assignments at home.

When you enter to university no matter what age you have you are threat like an adult. If you are threat like adult that means that you have the same responsibilities. If you don’t make the work that the teacher assign to you the teachers don’t care, they just put the cero and that’s it. You have to work to have the grade you want the teacher is not going to be in your back like in high school asking for the work. This was one of the best experience because now I’m not more a little kid and the people have more respect on my.

In collage I learn that you have to be responsible and that you have to dedicate more time to studying than rather doing nothing like in high school. As a college student you have more freedom and that can be a positive and negative thing in you live. Because you can do whatever you want and if you don’t know how to balance the studying time with socializing time this can be bad for your own and will be reflect in your grades. Make sure that you are a responsible student so you can achieve your goals.

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