Midterm Self Evaluation Analytical Writing Assignment

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Once you get to college you realize quickly how much more important education is. College classes are a completely new experience and it takes a long time to figure out what it takes to do well, and how to succeed. At the midterms point of first semester of being a freshman in college, have learned that classes are a lot more challenging. The class, Introduction to Analytical Writing so far, has challenged me like I have never been before. After being put into Analytical Writing I did not know what to expect for the class.

In high school, English class was always my best class and came natural to me. After a week or two of being in this class I realized that this would be y hardest class and most challenging. Writing a short essay for homework every night is not something would normally mind but I was stumped as to why it was so difficult for me. In high school whenever it came to analyzing it was usually with poems and Shakespeare, two things I really do not like. Analyzing was never something I enjoy or was good at. Realizing this class is all about analyzing writings and then reflecting on it made me nervous.

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Receiving two bad grades on my first two writings, I instantly decided I wasn’t going to do well in the class. After meeting with my professor, learning more ND talking about my struggles I realized just need to commit to the class and try my hardest to do well. I also learned that the class is never judgmental so I was free to express any thoughts in class and in my writing. This class has taught me a much greater lesson on how to analyze and what exactly it means. I also learned you can never analyze too much.

I have learned read and analyze writings with dropping all judgments. You must pick a part each sentence, and even each word and you can get a greater understanding for the piece of work. In Analytical Writing, also learned the meaning of purpose and audience in writing. Before this class, I would never really think about what the authors purpose was or whom they were writing too. Now when I read something it is one of the first things think about When you think and understand the purpose and audience it makes the writing much easier to understand and analyze.

The class analytical writing has had me write ten essays so far. The first two essays’ handed in received back with a poor grade. This has forced me to analyze my own writing, realize and fix what I am doing work. The grades am getting back keep improving little by little. In my own writing I have realized he importance of a thesis statement. A thesis statement presents your argument and is the central point of your writing. Without a thesis it is not a complete paper because it wouldn’t include a statement that is explaining the purpose of your entire paper.

I still need improvements in writing a thesis but the first essay I handed it in did not even include a thesis. In a paper about The Argument Clinic wrote this thesis, “An argument can be a disagreement or a misunderstanding leading to two different sides trying to prove their own points of view. (Meyer)” This thesis is boring, obvious, a fact, and not arguable. In a paper about Demutualization wrote this thesis, “Demutualization can cause horrible pain and change in people’s lives as well as an ever-lasting stain in history. Meyer)” This shows an improvement because it is interesting, back it up through out the essay, and it can be argued. Before this class when I was assigned to read something, I just read it because I had to. Now when I am assigned to read something I suspend judgment, analyze deeply, I learn more about the author, and time period it was written. All these steps have learned have helped me become a better reader, analyzer, and writer. Through out this class I have learned I have strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes it is difficult for me to suspend judgment when reading.

A main weakness I have is reading, understanding, and analyzing poems. Once I see a poem I tend to automatically just give up and not try to understand it. This class has showed me some interesting poems and has taught me how to analyze a poem easily. My strengths in the class are starting to increase. I always get my work done because I am good at avoiding procrastinating. Reading and writing is something have always loved so I enjoy and never mind doing all the assignments. Some obstacles that I need to overcome and goals within this class is participating in the discussion part in class. M always fully paying attention and grasping the information but never participate. A goal I have for the rest of the class would be to participate more in the discussions in class. I have ideas when we are analyzing the readings but never share them. I have learned that the class is not judgmental at all so have no reason to be timid about sharing my thoughts. The things I have learned in this class I have been able to use in some of my other classes. In y psychology elective class I had to read a chapter from a textbook and write a paper on it.

I used the skills I have learned within the class on the paper and received a 100 on my paper! I have also used the skills have learned in my art history class. Writing a paper based off of a piece of artwork instead of a writing is very different but remembered to suspend judgment and fully analyzed. When I am in different classes I try to connect the things I have learned and use them to benefit myself in each class. College can quickly make a person change. Just a short two months can make you feel like a whole new person. It can teach you new things about yourself.

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