Analytical: the Strategy Assignment

Analytical: the Strategy Assignment Words: 444

You will also create an outline that details the main points and structure you will be using for your essay. * A thesis statement establishes the main idea of your paper and serves as he basis for the entire discussion/argument/profit follow. A good thesis statement should directly address every important component of your topic and tell the reader your main point as it relates to the topic. * In addition, you must create an outline for your analytical essay.

An outline will potentially help your writing in a myriad of ways, including: * Aids in the process of writing * Helps you organize your ideas * Presents your material in a logical form * Shows the relationships among ideas in your writing * Constructs an ordered oven/IEEE of your writing * Defines boundaries and groups (Purdue Online Writing Lab) So, for this assignment, you will write a thesis statement, which should be no longer than one sentence. You will then create an outline that should be as long as it needs to be to convey all of the material that you need to include for your essay to be successful.

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You should anticipate this being at least one page in length. You can reference the Business Writers Handbook pages 380-383 for assistance with outline ins. In addition, the following website contains information on outlining and excellent examples to follow: http:// www. Sustains. Deed/Thomas/sample outline . htm.HTMLS MEDS – Review of Sources Due: week Eight Review of Sources for the Analytical Essay For your final research paper, you will need to cite at least 6 sources: three peer-reviewed journal articles from two different disciplines.

These sources will be identified in your review of sources, which is a collection of sources on your topic that have been evaluated and summarized for their centcentreclaims and the insights they provide into disciplinary methods. A summary, which follows the citation, allows researchers identify the content, quality, and relevance of the material under review. Your sources must be peer-reviewed sources only. Your review of sources must do four things: * Discipline: Identify the discipline * Summary: It must summarize and paraphrase the central arguments of each article in your own words. Analysis: It must analyze the credibility of the claims. * Methodology: It must discuss the methods used to arrive at the claims. Assessment will keep the following aspects in mind when grading the assignment: * Having a wide range, in both genre and age, of relevant sources * using proper MLA MEALmat for your citations * Including sufficient yet concise annotations for each source * practicing conventions of grammar, punctuation, and spelling Journal Articles: Use J-STORSTORESCOBESEt, Academic Search.

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