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For more information visit gives. Dude/testers and click on Math placement. College Algebra MYTH 122 special edition for Grand Valley State university by John Cobber Students will be required to possess and make use of a TTL-83 or TTL-84 graphics calculator during the course. You are expected to have and use your calculator every class period. Students will not be allowed to share calculators on tests. Symbolic manipulating calculators (such as the TTL-89) and calculators on cell phones, Pad’s, etc. Will not be allowed on tests.

Math 122 is part of the Mathematical Sciences General Education Foundation Category. Courses in the Foundations Categories introduce students to the major areas of human thought and endeavor. These courses present the academic disciplines as different ways of looking at the world. They introduce students to the varied methods used to create knowledge, and they acquaint students with major questions and principles of the field. The pedagogy of the Foundations Categories helps students develop the essential skills of creative and critical thinking, articulate expression and information literacy.

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The General Education Skills Goals are for students to engage in articulate expression wrought effective writing and speaking, to think critically and creatively, to locate, evaluate, and use information effectively and to integrate different areas of knowledge and view ideas from multiple perspectives. Math 122 meets these objectives by investigating properties of relations and functions algebraically and graphically and making connections between them. Applications from diverse fields are used to motivate mathematical concepts.

We also develop expertise In using technology as a tool to solving problems. We will develop logical reasoning, problem solving, and communicating skills (both oral and written) while furthering the understanding of mathematics. Lecture, discussion, In-class group exploration. Placement: Text: Objectives: Instruction Methods: Course Content: This course will cover chapters 3 – 5 and sections 1 . 1, 1. 3, 1. 6, 2. 1, 2. 2, 2. 3, 2. 5, 6. 1, 6. 3, 8. 2, 9. 1, 9. 2 and 9. 3 of the text, as well as additional material pertaining to the text topics.

Homework will be assigned each class period. See attached schedule for problem numbers and sections. Homework questions will be answered during class, office hours, or via e-mail. Homework will be collected on test days and used as extra credit. Late assignments will not be accepted. There will be five short writing assignments (worth 20 points each) that will be used to fulfill the effective writing portion of the general education requirement. A total of 100 points on writing assignments will count toward the final grade.

If more than five writing assignments are given, the top five will be used to compute your writing assignment score. All papers that are collected must be turned in at the beginning of class or they are considered late and will be marked accordingly. If you are going to be absent on the day an assignment is due, either turn the paper in to me prior to the due date or eave it with a secretary in the Math Office. All problem solutions must be written neatly, showing all significant work, with great attention paid to logical organization.

Trim all ragged edges and staple two or more pages together. In-class group exploration (worth 10 points each) will be given almost every class period. No make- ups will be given. A total of 100 points on in-class group exploration will count toward the final grade. If more than 10 explorations are given, only the 10 highest scores will count toward the final grade. Three tests worth 100 points each will be given. No make-up tests will be given. If you have a valid excuse to miss one test, the grade for the first test missed will be the percentage grade from your final exam.

If more than one test is missed, you will receive a zero for subsequent tests. The final exam is comprehensive and worth 1 50 points. There are no makeup given for the final exam. The final exam will be given according to the published schedule: Monday, December 9, 6:00 – 7:50 PM Homework: Writing Assignments: Paperwork: Group Exploration: Tests: Withdrawal: The last day to withdraw with a grade of W is Friday, October 25, 2013 at 5 p. M. If you stop coming to class you are not automatically withdrawn. Paperwork is the responsibility of the student.

Failure to follow proper procedure will result in a grade of F. Students are expected to attend all classes and to do the assigned homework. The student is responsible for any material covered or announcements made during days he or she is absent. Attendance: Grading: The course grades will be based on 650 points. Group Explorations Writing Assignments 3 Tests Final Exam Total 100 points 100 points 300 points 150 points 650 points Grading scale: 585-650 points 520-584 points 455-519 points 390-454 points 0-389 points A range B range C range D range F +g’s and -g’s will be assigned where appropriate.

There are no final grades of A+ or D- given. ) Math Center: There is a tutoring center located at A-2-601 MAKE for students in MYTH 122. It is open to all students on a drop-in basis. There is no charge for this service, but they do ask that you sign-in when you use the lab so they have a record of student usage. The hours are Monday-Thursday 9 a. M. To 8 p. M. And Friday 9 a. M. To 2 p. M. If there is any student in this class who has special needs because of learning, physical, or other disability, please contact me or Disability Support Resources (DES) at 331-2490.

DES is located in 200 SST. For additional information visit the DES website at: www. gives. Dude/des Furthermore, if you have a disability and think you will need assistance evacuating this classroom and/or building in an emergency situation, please make me aware so a plan can be developed to assist you. Chatting, using a cell phone or laptop for testing or surfing the web is rude to your fellow students and is disruptive to the class. Please turn off all electronic devices before entering the classroom and refrain from any distracting behavior.

You are responsible for making yourself aware of and for understanding the policies and reoccurred that pertain to academic integrity. To that end, it is expected that all students will follow the Student Code regarding all graded work according to Section 223. 01 , of the Student Code Book (http://www. gives. Dude/students/) Furthermore, be sure to reference sources at all times. While group work is encouraged on assignments, I expect all testing to be your own work

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