Erickson’s Timeline Assignment

Erickson’s Timeline Assignment Words: 660

This assignment has been very difficult for me to do. The first task in this assignment Is to explain In which of Erosion’s eight stages of life I believe I am currently in. Jennifer I am literally in tears as I read through all the stages and realize, I have no idea where I am at. My life has been so messed up and the stages I should be In, I am not totally In them but I am actually still In all of them.

I have been wrought so much in my life that I have not only fought for survival but I have fought to find myself and I am currently 36 years old and I still do not know who Gully is. I have been asked this question several times In my life and to be honest the one time it actually hurt to be asked was when my current husband did, because I did not know how to answer it, I felt like I was a real loser and totally lost and really damaged. But If I had to choose one stage forcefully It would be stage 8.

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I have skipped many stages in my life because I started having children at the age of 15, when I barely got way from my father and mother Just, in all, 3 years before, I really had no idea what I was doing or where I wanted to go or be. If there was a definition closely resembling that of a zombie, it would be me. Sadly after all I had been through, I did not know until I was 24 years old that I have a malformation since birth, in my cerebellum in which was described to be obstructing the flow of the liquid that surrounds my brain and was actually making my head grow and compressing my brain as well-known as Hydrocephalus.

In return I was having very severe headaches, and looking back on how was, I could best describe myself as a zombie walking and talking but not having any idea or even caring to know if any of my actions had consequences therefore making many huge mistakes that right now I cannot take back. In this stage of life the question Is “have I lived a full life? ” Sadly I do not know yet but for the most part would say no. I still have pieces of my puzzle I need to put in place. I feel I am still trying to answer this question every day and I wont be able to do so until I can omelet my puzzle.

I choose to see my husband’s way of living. I believe he is at stage 7; now saying this I really believe let not how or with who, one was raised It Is how one chooses to see life. He lived with both his parent’s and a couple of years ago stomach cancer took his mother, and now that we are married the people he thought would have his back, actually do not and now he sees himself alone after the passing of his mother, except for me he really does not and actually refuses to count on anyone.

In this stage the question is “will I produce something of real value? ‘ funny as it may sounds he’s looking for my faith in him. He strives and wants to find his spot in life as a husband, caregiver and father. He works at new ideas every day to make our plans successful and works really hard at making us happy and supplying for our needs and with every idea every plan he includes me and seeks my approval which in return makes me want to be with him in this stage. Which I am partially, but like I mentioned before I am really in all of them at this point.

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