Pearson Product-moment Correlation Coefficient Assignment

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Pearson Product-moment Correlation Coefficient and Causal Model BY sultanates Assignment: Interpreting Correlation Findings Following are brief summaries of correlation findings, in which variables were found to be significantly associated with each other. Your task Is to determine which of the three major causal models (I. E. , interpretations) could account for each finding. Indicate in the table below, by placing an X In the appropriate space, which of these three models could provide a possible explanation.

Place an X in the space only if you judge the causal model to e possible & reasonably plausible. If you decide that the third model is possible, generate two possibilities for what variable “C” could represent, and type a short summary (one to 4 words should be sufficient) of these variables in the spaces provided. Keep in mind that more than one causal model may be possible for each finding. Your task is not to decide which model or models provide the true or even the best interpretation, but rather which provide possible?and reasonable?interpretations that could be tested by further investigation.

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This assignment will be graded on a 100-poplin scale For each Item, 10 points will be deducted If you Identify a causal model as possible when It Is not. Or If you fall to identify a causal model as possible when it is. Five points will be deducted if you describe a third variable that cannot plausibly be a cause of variables A and B. The assignment will be worth 3% of your grade in the course. Make sure to type your name in the space indicated above. 1. It has been found that having a pet in childhood predicts the likelihood of becoming a CEO: Over 90% of Fortune 500 Coos had had a pet as a child, compared o only 53% of non-Coos.

Some of the Coos stated how having a pet helped them develop a sense of responsibility and empathy. The Pets are Wonderful Council suggested that buying a pet for your child Is a good way to get him or her started on the road to leadership success. Causal interpretation B) A Variables correlated (A & c Having a pet in childhood (A) & likelihood of becoming a CEO (B) third Variables: x Potential 2. A study of factors predicting profitability in bank branches found that branches with friendly tellers (friendliness as rated by bank customers) were more profitable Han were branches with less friendly tellers.

Friendliness of bank tellers (A) & Profitability of bank branches (B) Potential third: variables: It could be the age because a younger individual could be more friendly then an older individual and also it could be something totally personal. And grade point average (GAP). Among undergraduates, over 80% used Faceable, and these students had an average GAP of about 3. 0 out of a maximum possible 4. College students who did not use Faceable had a significantly higher average GAP of about 3. 6. College students’ use of Faceable (A) & allege students’ GAP (B) Potential third: variables: 4.

Several large-scale studies, at both the state and national level, have found significant negative correlations between individuals’ credit scores (scores that range from 300 – 850, and indicate individuals’ history of paying bills on time) and the likelihood of individuals filing auto insurance claims. The lower individuals’ credit scores were, the greater the likelihood that they would file auto insurance claims. Auto insurance claims (B) Less credit scores have a direct correlation to increased auto claims frequently.

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