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One student with proficiency answering the teacher’s questions about the there student and the other student is silent. The stage two Early Production Stage (can last six months to 1 year Syria (2011 p. 35))) enactment shows a girl student talking quietly with one or two word phases answering questions. The stage three enactment Speech Emergence (can last 1 to 3 years Syria (201 1 p. 35)) shows a girl thinking out her questions and answers. She sentences has errors but she is doing a good performance.

The stage four enactment Intermediate Language Proficiency (takes up to 3 to 5 years Syria (201 1 p. 35)) with a girl talking about her friends and what class she likes at school. The girl is making strong statements and long sentences and thinking about her answers. The stage five enactment Advanced Fluency Stage (Syria (201 1 p. 36)) shows an adult man who is in the grade level classroom talking with fluency and discussing his additional support how he learned English for example watching television and having friends help him out to learn and having the vocabulary and a native speaker .

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These five stages enactments on Language Development depicts the language acquisition that is required to become a successful English Language Learner Do you believe she provided enough wait time for students? The Silent Period Stage was a boy student and I feel he is a beginning student, probably in Kindergarten or new to the school. I feel he did not have enough wait time. I think the teacher was monitoring the student and did not give him enough time to answer any questions. She was also using another student that was responding in English and the teacher could have asked some questions in the students native language directly to him.

The Early Production Stage 2 student is a 12 year old girl and I think she was even enough time because I feel has been taught at least 6 months and able to use short, and simple sentences, I could understand her and she had a good vocabulary and was using words. The Speech Emergence Stage 3 student is a girl was given enough time and you could see that she was thinking about her responses in English. Believe she has been taught at least a years because her sentences were a little complicated to get through The Intermediate Language Proficiency Stage 4 student is a girl was given enough time.

This student was thinking about her responses and her ententes were complete and her grammar was good. I feel she has been taught for over two years because she placed her words in good order and has good grammar. In addition, she used basic academic knowledge The teacher was listening to her and the teacher said she heard her say she likes to write and the student responded by saying that “l likes to write” and the teacher asked her what things do you like to write and she said, like to write stories” and she said she “likes to write in bubbles”.

The Advanced Fluency Stage 5 student was an Adult Male that was new to his country and he talked with fluency. He either knew some English before he started learning courses or he had been taking course for about five years.. He was given enough time to talk. He answer the questions from the teacher about how did he deal with the complications of learning the English language and the responded with fluency that he got support from his friend and family.

He was a fluent speaker and was using appropriate grammar. LCD_ Pc cirri L chi teacher How do you personally react to wait time, either when you we in the workplace? I personally get bored when have to wait and if I know aha will have wait time take something with me to keep me busy take a crossword puzzle with me or play a game on my smart up with my reading of the class assignments and texts while Does the increased anxiety help or hinder your learning?

I feel any type of anxiety will hinder learning and it can cause able to think. How do you feel about the questions she asked I liked the questions she asked. Some of them were open e could keep he student interested and involved. She asked the what is his name. She asked a student how old they were an or fun. Were they at the appropriate level? The Silent Child student appeared not to be in an age paper because the student next to him seem to be from a mainstream spoke English liked he was born in the LISA.

One other studs stage talked about going to the learning center. What suggest give this teacher regarding her questioning? Would suggest 1 speak slowly and provide enough time for the ELL student to response because the students are translating words to Engle minds.. I would also suggest that the teacher note that the El thinking in two languages Another way to ask questions in the’ s by using computers with software that can translate to Eng Word can translate languages into English.

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